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Familiar neighbours help decrease ageing

Seychelles-warbler-1-credit-Sjouke-Anne-KingmaWILD BIRDS THAT nest in close proximity to family members or to birds they know well may be physically healthier and may age more slowly, claim scientists.

Researchers from the UK and the Netherlands studied a population of 250 adult Seychelles warblers (Acrocephalus sechellensis) on Cousin Island in the Seychelles over a five-year period. They wanted to test whether territory owners with more related or familiar neighbours had peaceful territories and better health as a result.


Two-year campaign launches to save songbirds from extinction

Bali-starlingTHE DEVASTATING EFFECTS of trade in songbirds across Southeast Asia will be highlighted in a new two-year campaign to save iconic Asian species from extinction.

The Silent Forest campaign, which runs now until September 2019, will address the ongoing songbird extinction crisis in Asia and increase awareness within zoos and the general public.


LCA to launch trainee judging workshop in 2018

2014-11-09-14.20.47A SUCCESSFUL TRIAL of a new "Insight into judging" experience has encouraged the Lizard Canary Association (LCA) to add this free workshop to its 2018 Classic open show.

The aim is to give LCA members practice when judging their own Lizards and to strengthen the number of LCA panel judges.


Benched exhibits stolen in night raid

1TRAGEDY HAS HIT a three-day bird show in the Netherlands, with the theft of more than half of the exhibits that had been booked in overnight.

Officials of the Birds Asso- ciation de Bastaarden (Vogelvereniging De Bastaarden) were forced to cancel the annual event in the Noord-Brabant town of Nuenen, where thieves escaped with 225 birds – mainly coloured and posture canaries, along with British and foreign birds.


Thousands of bird species held on coloration database

shutterstock 303243491MORE THAN 3,000 avian species have been represented so far in the largest international database of bird plumage coloration – but now the lead organiser needs funding to make it public.

BirdColourBase was started three years ago after lead organiser Dr Thanh-Lan Gluckman wanted to pool global data using a physics-based approach of describing bird colours together into one database. The information will be publicised in due course if funding is secured.


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