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Upcoming opportunity for under 25s!


 What is the Raymond Sawyer Scholarship 2017?

A scheme whereby the Avicultural Society will commemorate the great aviculturist (the society’s long-time president) by funding one student to take part in the Conservation Breeding and Husbandry of Birds Workshop at Durrell Conservation Academy.

Where and when:
The Durrell Conservation Academy, Jersey. November 6-10, 2017.

Course summary
 A five-day intensive workshop designed to equip students with the necessary skills to successfully manage and breed birds in captivity with an emphasis on conservation.

 Aimed at curators, keepers, vets and serious private breeders involved in captive breeding of birds.

 The course will be run by Durrell’s Bird Department in conjunction with Durrell Conservation Academy.

 Course faculty will include visiting experts in bird husbandry and conservation.

Course content
Planning your captive bird collection 

Bird behaviour and ecology

 Enclosure design and management

Hand rearing and incubation techniques

 Record keeping and population management

 Feeding and nutrition

Who can apply?
Amateur, professional or student aviculturists aged under 25, living anywhere in the world.

What the scholarship covers
All course fees and/or accommodation charges at the Durrell Academy. Note: the scholarship does not cover travel or other expenses.

Who will decide who gets the scholarship?
Representatives of the Avicultural Society, Durrell Conservation Academy and Cage & Aviary Birds.

Shortlisted candidates may be asked to provide further information and references.
Deadline for applications: Completed application forms, plus accompanying required information, must be received by Cage & Aviary Birds not later than Friday June 30, 2017.
Please complete all fields.

To apply, click here: http://cageaviarybirds.msgfocus.com/k/Kelsey-Media/the_raymond_sawyer_scholarship_2017

Rare macaw thief caught on CCTV

THE MOMENT A rare species of macaw was stolen from a petshop in Nottinghamshire has been caught on camera.

The young Illiger’s macaw (Primolius maracana) was taken from Urban Exotics in Kirkbyin- Ashfield over the Easter weekend (April 16 at 12.30pm). Petshop owner Daniel Morley told Cage & Aviary Birds that although the alleged thief can be identified on the store’s CCTV cameras, the police have not caught him yet.


Zebra finch brains ‘give lessons in song’

zebra finchesSCIENTISTS HAVE DISCOVERED that zebra finches use two separate parts of their brain to learn song, and that one part teaches the other.

Previously, it was thought that only one circuit in the brain was used for this function. However, researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found that finch brains uses two parts: the “tutor” and the “student”, and that the tutor instructs the student part of the brain.


EGM gives Northamptonshire Alliance a chance to modernise

Gerry Northern with his best and second best FifesNORTHAMPTONSHIRE ALLIANCE CBS will continue to flourish following a modernisation of its structure and an overhaul of its committee, officials say.

Following notices in this paper calling for an EGM, which took place earlier this month, a number of fanciers have agreed to hold office to complete the club’s first full committee in more than seven years.


YCC copyrights the Yorkie on Canary Council advice

Golding-ModelTHE YORKSHIRE CANARY Golding model has been copyrighted by the Yorkshire Canary Club (YCC), and is now effective in approximately 170 countries worldwide.

The decision to copyright the model and the Yorkshire canary name followed OMJ’s shock decision at its technical meeting last September to change the Scale of Points for the Lizard canary, which will apply to all COM shows (see News, December 21/28, 2016).


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