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OMJ's Lizard canary ruling: a statement by Carlos Ramoa

IN SEPTEMBER 2016, the OMJ Technical Committee voted to introduce a new Scale of Points for the Lizard canary at COM shows. The COM-UK representative at the meeting voted against the proposal, and the OMJ decision has been greeted with dismay by the UK's Lizard Canary Association. The Italian LCCI has also voiced its "extreme worry".

We asked COM president Carlos Ramoa how and why the change to the Scale of Points came about, as many UK fanciers believe the changes are a major overhaul of the show standard in the UK. We hoped to include Mr Ramoa's response in "Cage & Aviary Birds" Dec 21/28, but it arrived too late for inclusion. We therefore reproduce Mr Ramoa's statement here without delay, in full and without any editing. Readers should understand and allow for the fact that English is not Mr Ramoa's first language.

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For the LCA's initial reaction to the OMJ decision, see "Cage & Aviary Birds" Dec 21/28 pages 2 and 7. All comments welcome, please, from Lizard canary breeders and other interested readers.

Mr Ramoa's statement

The OMJ is the technical organ of the COM, and they had their congress for all sections (each section has their own responsible and gathers judges of a specific varity or varities of birds) in Cervia, Italy last September.

The polemic that has originated from this congress was about the meeting of sction E- Type Canaries, this section includes all the varities of type cnaries like Yorkshires, Crests, Glosters, Lizards, Borders the several frilled varieties, etc. In COM, for a lot of years, several proposals regarding different races were not approved by the OMJ becuse the "country of origin of the race" was against.

In COM, it was custom practice to interpret the rules as if this country of origin had a veto over the changing of the race or variety. This has to change.

It is not a question of disrespect for the county of origin or that we are allowing that races can be "changed" from night to day. No, that is absolutely not the question.

What I have in fact said at the E-Section (Posture canaries) meeting in Cervia is that when there is an overall majority of countries in favor of a proposal, the country of origin cannot veto that proposal without a strong and decisive reason to do that.

In the case of the Lizard canary, UK was voting against a proposal regarding the change in the number of points allocated to each one of the features in the judging chart. But as you well know, in the UK ho many shows are judged using the judging chart?

So, in resume, the COM will not accept any changes that will alter the main characterisitics of a race, but will not accept either that someone would want to block evolution.

How many Lizard specialists from the UK has ever come to an OMJ congress? Or a York one? We know that this should be changed and that we should increase the exchange of information, that is for sure.

The COM is made of 45 member countries from around the world, it's major show, the annual World Show, has an average of more than 23000 birds, exhibited by more than 2000 breeders coming from more than 20 countries and each year more than 20 international COM bird shows are organized in several counries.

The COM is the common house for birdkeepers these days, anf the UK organisations are quite welcome to increase their participation in our activities. The UK federations, breeders and birds are very preciious to the international community, their level pf expertise is very important to us.

COM-UK and their components IOA and NCA have been doing a difficult and enourmous work in trying to increase the UK fancy's partiipation in the international shows and congresses. They should be supported, becauae this will only make us all, together, more stronger.

Every person duly endorsed by COM-Uk can attend a OMJ/COM meeting. Your opinion and experience is quite welcome.

Please send my warmes regards to all the UK breeders, through this treasure of ours that is Cage and Aviary Birds.

Carlos F Ramoa

COM president

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