DEFRA: ‘21-day declaration form is no longer required

DEFRA: ‘21-day declaration form is no longer required

UK birdkeepers no longer need to sign a “21-day” declaration with regards to Newcastle Disease after the government relaxed the risk level from medium to low.

£150 for Maidstone best British

£150 for Maidstone best British

A new British bird club has formed in response to next month’s South-Eastern Classic Bird Show and Sale, presented by Cage & Aviary Birds.

Clear video evidence leaves owl killer no choice but to plead guilty

Clear video evidence leaves owl killer no choice but to plead guilty

Video footage showing the chase for an owl killer has been released by the RSPB, following a successful court case.


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    Indulge in some West Coast style

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    Zoo priorities: the reality

    5th April 2019

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