We’ve put together a list of clubs and societites that might be of interest. If you are part of a club or society and would like to appear in our list, please contact with the name and website url.

Clubs and Societies

Australian Finch Society

Avicultural Society

Blue Lizard Canary Club

Bird Keepers Association

Brentwood CBS

Bristol Fife Fancy Canary Club

The Border Convention

British Bird Council

British Border Fancy Canary Club

British Waterfowl Association

Budgerigar Society

Canary Colour Breeders’ Association

Cambridge Bird Sale

Chichester CBS

Crewe CBS

International Cockatiel Association

Dagenham CBS

Dansk Border Fife Klub

Exhibition Budgerigar Society (Ireland)

Feathered Flyer forum

Fife Fancy Federation

Foreign Bird Federation

Foreign Bird League

Foreign Softbill Society UK

Gravesend Bird Club

Hetton & Houghton CBS

International Gloster Breeders Association

International Ornithological Association (IOA)

International Turaco Society

Java Sparrow Society UK

Lakeland Parrot and Bird-Keepers

Leeds BS

Lizard Canary Association

Lovebird (1990) Society

Mid Essex BS

Mid-Ulster BFCC

National Bengalese Fanciers Association (NBFA)

National British Bird & Mule Club Northern Ireland

National Council for Aviculture (NCA)

Norfolk FBA

Northdowns BS

Northern BS

Parrots Society UK


Rhondda CBS

Severn Counties Foreign & British Bird Society

Solway Parrot & FBC

Somerset BS

South Eastern Budgerigar Club

Southern England Fife FCC

South Hampshire BS

South Lizard Canary Club

Southern Yorkshire Canary Club

Staffordshire British Bird & Mule Club

Sussex Budgerigar Society

The Avicultural Society

Trimdon CBS

Waxbill Finch Society

Welsh BS

Worcestershire Budgerigar Society

World Budgerigar Organisation (WBO)

Yorkshire Canary Club

Zebra Finch Society

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