10 x 1kg bags to be won!

HAITH’S IS GIVING 10 lucky readers the chance to win a 1kg bag of either its Tip Top Budgie Seed or Parrot Food (Superior Quality). There are 5 x 1kg bags of each seed to give away.

For new budgerigar owners who are looking to take the guesswork out of choosing a good, healthy seed diet, Haith’s say look no further than its Tip Top Budgie Seed. According to Haith’s, this product has been formulated with the help of experienced budgerigar keepers and provides a high-quality bird-seed diet that’s simple, effective and great value for money.

Seed-eating parrots and parrot-like birds are renowned for their highly selective feeding habits. They have a tendency to take what they fancy and often reject beneficial seeds and foods. Haith’s say parrots thrive on its seed mix Parrot Food (Superior Quality), and this mix is suitable for parrots, cockatoos, hanging parrots and macaws.

For your chance to win, click here.

For more information on Haith’s, visit: www.haiths.com, search ‘Haith’s Cage & Aviary Bird Seed’ on Facebook or tel: 0800 298 7054.

Competition closes at midnight June 29, 2020.