Editor’s Letter

  • Editor’s Letter May 23

    Editor’s Letter May 23

    22nd May 2018

    THIS MONTH, THE new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes law: that’s why, if you are on a commercial mailing list, you’ll have been asked to sign up for it again under new conditions. Bird clubs will also need to…

  • Editor’s Letter May 16

    Editor’s Letter May 16

    18th May 2018

    WE ARE SPOILED for choice in this hobby: just think of the innumerable varieties, colours and species that are available to keep us happy. And yet there’s a huge tranche of birds that, by and large, remain beyond our reach.…

  • Editor’s Letter May 9

    Editor’s Letter May 9

    10th May 2018

    GREAT NEWS HAS come from the recent Budgerigar Society (BS) spring event at Scotch Corner. Best in show was awarded to current BS world champion Ady Lovack with his seemingly unbeatable light green cock: the bird’s 11th best-in-show win. Ady…

  • Editor’s Letter May 2

    Editor’s Letter May 2

    2nd May 2018

    THE AVICULTURAL SOCIETY’S (AS) greatly anticipated Raymond Sawyer Scholarship is back! Applications to this year’s Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust workshop “Avian Egg Incubation” are now welcome. On page 4, we hear from Anna Temple, the 2017 scholarship winner, who was…

  • Editor’s Letter April 25

    Editor’s Letter April 25

    23rd April 2018

    HOWARD HAWES IS spot on when he writes (letter, left): “We cannot sit back and hope nothing bad happens.” I’m convinced that the best thing we can all do to avert AAL is to make our MP aware of it…

  • Editor’s Letter April 18

    Editor’s Letter April 18

    16th April 2018

    MANY THANKS TO senior government advisor Sir John Randall for inviting Colin O’Hara and myself to a briefing on AAL last week (see page 3). We enjoyed our afternoon in the corridors of power; more to the point, we hope…

  • Editor’s Letter April 11

    Editor’s Letter April 11

    11th April 2018

    THANKS TO READER V. Gibbs for the letter opposite, expressing scepticism about the widespread concern over DEFRA’s proposed Animal Activities Licence scheme. I would love to believe that we have nothing to worry about. But I suggest we look at…

  • Editor’s Letter April 4

    Editor’s Letter April 4

    4th April 2018

    LONG-TIME CONTRIBUTOR Bob Baggs (whom I think of as the Sage of Wiltshire – see “Lizard wizard”, etc, below)  observes as follows on page 15: “I believe the only way a person is likely to remain interested in birds for…

  • Editor’s Letter March 28

    Editor’s Letter March 28

    28th March 2018

    CRUNCH TIME IS here: every birdkeeper in the UK needs to make his or her voice heard to their MP. If we don’t speak out over the proposed new Animal Activities Licence, we’ll move into unknown territory together. It is…

  • Editor’s letter March 21

    Editor’s letter March 21

    19th March 2018

    THE DEVIL ISN’T in the background. It’s in the guidelines. Readers wishing to learn more about DEFRA’s proposed Animal Activities Licence (AAL) can check out what’s in the public domain, for instance the Next Steps document referred to in our…