Editor’s Letter

  • Editor’s Letter July 11

    Editor’s Letter July 11

    13th July 2018

    SO NON-COLOUR-FED Lizard canaries are set to make a return to the British show bench (News, page 2). It’s a move that will certainly raise eyebrows in the Lizard fancy, and I very much hope that it does not also…

  • Editor’s Letter July 4

    Editor’s Letter July 4

    5th July 2018

    ALL OF A sudden, people are talking about this year’s breeding season in the past tense. Regular contributor Donald Skinner-Reid, for one, compares his 2018-bred canaries with the 2017 vintage on page 11. True, a cold-eyed comparison, honestly weighing up…

  • Editor’s Letter June 27

    Editor’s Letter June 27

    27th June 2018

    WHAT AN ENJOYABLE day out we all had at Birdworld (see News, page 3). Thanks to Duncan Bolton and his team for their hospitality, and to all those readers, colleagues and others for their company. The total C&AB gang must…

  • Editor’s Letter June 20

    Editor’s Letter June 20

    23rd June 2018

    MR DOVEASTON (LETTER, left) asks some pertinent questions about the new law on rodenticides. The legislation changed on March 1 this year, as required by the European Chemicals Agency, and basically the level of active ingredient in rodenticides available to…

  • Editor’s Letter June 13

    Editor’s Letter June 13

    13th June 2018

    THANKS TO READERS for their feedback on my advice about GDPR compliance for clubs and societies (see Editor’s Letters, May 23, May 30 and June 6 issues). One extra matter that’s become apparent concerns the requirement for clubs to obtain…

  • Editor’s Letter June 6

    Editor’s Letter June 6

    12th June 2018

    LAST WEEK I recommended some wording for a simple Privacy Policy that clubs and societies could adapt in order to comply with the recently introduced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). That wording related to club members and the info that…

  • Editor’s Letter May 30

    Editor’s Letter May 30

    28th May 2018

    AS MENTIONED LAST week, I’ve worked with our company consultant on some wording for a sample Privacy Policy to help clubs comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Here’s the draft wording for ordinary club members. Next week…

  • Editor’s Letter May 23

    Editor’s Letter May 23

    22nd May 2018

    THIS MONTH, THE new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) becomes law: that’s why, if you are on a commercial mailing list, you’ll have been asked to sign up for it again under new conditions. Bird clubs will also need to…

  • Editor’s Letter May 16

    Editor’s Letter May 16

    18th May 2018

    WE ARE SPOILED for choice in this hobby: just think of the innumerable varieties, colours and species that are available to keep us happy. And yet there’s a huge tranche of birds that, by and large, remain beyond our reach.…

  • Editor’s Letter May 9

    Editor’s Letter May 9

    10th May 2018

    GREAT NEWS HAS come from the recent Budgerigar Society (BS) spring event at Scotch Corner. Best in show was awarded to current BS world champion Ady Lovack with his seemingly unbeatable light green cock: the bird’s 11th best-in-show win. Ady…