Editor’s Letter

  • Editor’s Letter

    Editor’s Letter

    14th September 2018

    SO THERE’S AN extra lot of pages in this Cage & Aviary Birds, and (as I write) I don’t mind admitting I’ll breathe easier when it’s gone off to the printers. We have hugely enjoyed putting this special issue together.…

  • Editor’s letter

    Editor’s letter

    4th September 2018

    WHEN HE FIRST met his wife, he somehow managed to build an indoor aviary in the home of his future mother-in-law before the couple married.” Way to go, Roger Denyer! (See profile, page 8.) That’s how a true fancier approaches…

  • Editor’s Letter

    Editor’s Letter

    29th August 2018

    SO IT’S TIME to plan your visit to, or better still, show entry for Stafford on October 7. It’s interesting: when I was looking up the 1933 National Show for Terry Jukes’s letter (left), I noticed that the benched entry…

  • Editor’s Letter August 22

    Editor’s Letter August 22

    22nd August 2018

    WARM CONGRATULATIONS TO the two newest members of the NCA’s Hall of Fame (see page 4). Here is my completely personal take on their achievements. Rosemary Low is, of course, a long-standing and hugely valued contributor to these pages. What…

  • Editor’s Letter August 15 issue

    Editor’s Letter August 15 issue

    17th August 2018

    WHAT, FOR YOU, represents the essence of the exhibition hobby? We’ll all have our different opinions. I can honestly say I enjoy every section in a show. There aren’t any duds. But as a private individual, above all I love…

  • Editor’s Letter August 8 issue

    Editor’s Letter August 8 issue

    8th August 2018

    MANAKINS, MANNIKINS OR mannequins? In certain articles submitted to C&AB the spelling has been no guide as to which, er, family is under discussion. We’ll leave the third lot out of it because we all know their place is not…

  • Editor’s Letter August 1 issue

    Editor’s Letter August 1 issue

    2nd August 2018

    THE LETTER FROM Nigel Hewston (below, left) touches on a subject I’d thought about, but really shied away from: that of “stress” in the life of birds. With people, stress gets a bad press: it’s linked to all manner of…

  • Editor’s Letter July 25

    Editor’s Letter July 25

    27th July 2018

    NICK ELLISTON DRAWS our attention (letter, left) to Geoff Gradwell’s prescience in proposing that certain New World “finches” (hardbills) are better thought of as tanagers (softbills). Science, in the form of molecular studies, has subsequently confirmed the conclusions of the…

  • Editor’s Letter July 18

    Editor’s Letter July 18

    20th July 2018

    WHAT’S THE BEST way to breed more large canaries? Get hold of some small canaries. This paradox is stated and discussed persuasively by Brian Keenan on page 10. What he’s saying, of course, is that you have a better chance…

  • Editor’s Letter July 11

    Editor’s Letter July 11

    13th July 2018

    SO NON-COLOUR-FED Lizard canaries are set to make a return to the British show bench (News, page 2). It’s a move that will certainly raise eyebrows in the Lizard fancy, and I very much hope that it does not also…