TWO WEEKS AFTER Rob hopped on a bus to admire the coloured canaries at the British Colour Canary Club (BCCC) championship event in Hanworth, I drove “up north” to the club’s premier show held in Stafford. I’d like to second Rob’s words of thanks to everyone at Hanworth (see Editor’s Letter, November 14 issue), and extend one also to those fanciers at the Stafford Rangers Football Club venue for their welcoming company. I certainly appreciated that no one cursed as I inadvertently got in visitors’ way while I tried to photograph birds on the staging! A standout factor for myself and many fanciers was the impressive class of Stafford canaries – a class increase that the BCCC has witnessed year on year (see page 2).

Just a heads up – next year, the BCCC premier show is on the move to a bigger venue with a few more facilities. The show remains at week 46 but will take place at the Grosvenor Centre in Gnosall; still in Stafford, but about eight miles down the road.

Four independent judges from Ireland have been booked and a whopping £400, courtesy of several members, has gone towards the total £500 prize money for best canary in show. If ever there was a reason to start booking up your diary 12 months in advance, I’m sure this is it. Below I am pictured with the show’s judges and hard-working officials.

“The star attraction will be inside the hall selling bulk seed and boxes of millet sprays at trade prices,” says Fred Wright on page 13. No, not a sort-of-famous actor or singer that no one has heard of (they were too busy on I’m a Celeb…). Better still, Copdock Mill’s famous lorry that will take centre stage at Cage & Aviary Birds’ South-Eastern Classic Bird Show and Sale at Maidstone on December 9. Turn to page 11 to view Copdock’s exclusive show prices.

A decent CBS labelling system – does this ring a bell with any club secretary? I’ve had a request from a bird club asking for advice on the best show label software used for booking in birds at shows. If anyone can shed some light or offer suggestions, I’d be most grateful.

Rob will be back in two weeks.