IT’S SPRINGTIME, SO Cage & Aviary Birds has migrated! For ages, we have been happily roosting in rural Kent, at the romantic if sometimes inconvenient Cudham Tithe Barn (pros: superb chalk valley on our doorstep; cons: winter ice-ups, mobile telephony dead zone, giant hornets…) Now, Kelsey Media has decided not to renew its lease at the end of this year, so its editorial bods (that’s us) have moved to the company HQ outside Peterborough. Full details on page 2, but so far as contacting C&AB is concerned, ONLY the postal address has changed. So please note, club officials: if you send your Club News via the post, make sure you use the new address. Of course mail is forwarded, but inevitably that means a day’s delay. Our email and phone contacts have NOT changed.

■ As one who has kept an anxious eye on recent events in our unique Lizard canary fancy, I’ve been relieved to learn from several sources that the LCA’s crucial EGM earlier this month proved, in general, both decisive and amicable. (See page 4.) I’m aware that words have been exchanged (on forums, for instance) in the wider Lizard fancy as differences hardened, and have only been able to urge all sides, when it came to the crunch, to respect one another’s differing points of view. It does sound as though that was the keynote of the recent meeting, and I think all those involved deserve credit. Too many EGMs are the source of bad news for the fancy; the LCA’s seems to have succeeded in clarifying future plans as well as preserving past friendships. Welcome, in particular, to council newcomers Jeremy Goacher (chairman) and Ian Adcock (publicity and more) – and welcome back to John Martin (president) and John Record (secretary). I hope this development ushers in a happy 2019 for the Lizard fancy.

■ In India one time, an educated gentleman laid into me about a specially fatuous legacy of colonialism: black umbrellas. If you’re guarding against both rain and heat from above, why the blazes (he demanded) did the British decide that a respectable umbrella had to be black – which, as Paul Donovan reminds us on page 10, is the most heat-absorbant of colours? Paul’s article is highly informative about birds and heat. While perusing, if you happen to think of a witty riposte to my Indian friend, it’ll be 10 years too late… but that’s about my average, so do  bung it this way. Have a great week!

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