LAST WEEK I recommended some wording for a simple Privacy Policy that clubs and societies could adapt in order to comply with the recently introduced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). That wording related to club members and the info that the club holds about them. Our GDPR consultant at Kelsey Media has also suggested some additional clauses that would apply to club officials/volunteers. To be honest, I think this extra wording really only needs to be used where the club holds the bank details of the person concerned and not in the case of purely voluntary helpers. But if bank info is held, of course, it’s important for both clubs and individuals to be clear about it.

So here are some clauses to be adapted as appropriate to the case of your club and those who work on its behalf. I don’t think it’s necessary to tack this on to your standard Privacy Policy; instead, I suggest it’s a document that is given to the individuals concerned as an official confirmation when they are appointed or reappointed in their role, at AGMs for example. Here we go:

■ As a club, [club name] needs to keep and process information about its club officials for management and administrative use only. We will store it securely and use it to enable us to run the club appropriately.

■ The personal information [club name] holds will enable us to liaise with you in your work and make payments where appropriate. The sort of information we hold on you may include your name, address, contact and bank details.

■ We will only disclose information about you to third parties if we are legally obliged to do so.

Right. There are bound to be loose ends and special cases we haven’t thought of with GDPR, so please share any questions, problems or comments from your club and let’s make sure we pool our knowledge via these pages. I hope we won’t have to spend too much time on the subject… but DO make sure you incorporate the simple practices and documentation required by GDPR into your club routine without delay. It is the law now, so let’s not cut any corners.

■ Ed’s Quote of the Week: “My shock then turned to glee when they quickly became little masses of wriggling fuzz again.” Peter Fleck revives some chilled Fife hatchlings, page 16. Such a vivid description, Peter!

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