• Design pointers for a garden set-up

    Design pointers for a garden set-up

    19th March 2018

    Photo: Les Rance. Safer all round: this budgerigar aviary at Les’s set-up has 16-gauge weld mesh all round  LES RANCE concludes his three-part series on colony-breeding budgerigars with advice on wire gauges, perches and pests. For previous instalments, see February 7…

  • Order, order! Classification of birds

    Order, order! Classification of birds

    19th March 2018

    Photo: Paul Donovan. Who’s who(poe)? Upupa (the hoopoes) is a well-defined genus since nothing else looks like a hoopoe! Moving on from where our birds’ Latin names first evolved, PAUL DONOVAN next discusses the basics of classification with a guide to…

  • Gary Bralsford: March bulletin

    Gary Bralsford: March bulletin

    19th March 2018

    Photo: Gary’s friend Colin has had pairs of white-collared kingfishers and brown-hooded kingfishers (example pictured) produce clutches already this year © Shutterstock.com/Michael Potter11 GARY BRALSFORD looks forward to the spring unfolding, with news of his own ongoing breeding preparations, developments in…

  • On the grandest stage of all

    On the grandest stage of all

    12th March 2018

    Photo: Ernesto Gracia. All-wire show cages stretch into the middle distance! This year, a piece of exhibition history was made at the World Show in Cesena, Italy, which posted a serious claim to be the greatest bird show of all time.…

  • If I could start again

    If I could start again

    12th March 2018

    Photo: Sam Wildes. Father (left) and son (right) spangle grey cocks – the son is about as far as Sam wants to go with budgerigars in terms of feather We only get one start in the birdkeeping hobby, and none of…

  • Nutrition: what’s best for our birds?

    Nutrition: what’s best for our birds?

    12th March 2018

    Photo: Dot Schwarz. Self service: a bit of surreptitious snacking caught on camera in Dot’s kitchen DOT SCHWARZ discusses the pros and cons of pelleted diets and seed mixtures in the first of three articles on parrot diets. WHEN Artha grey…

  • Amazilia: quintessential hummers

    Amazilia: quintessential hummers

    5th March 2018

    Photo: Weltvogelpark Walsrode. Weltvogelpark Walsrode in Germany has repeatedly produced chicks from its Amazilia hummingbirds. The park celebrated its 50th birthday in 2012 with a new hummingbird breeding centre  In most of their wild range, hummingbirds of the expansive genus Amazilia…

  • Treasure those treasurers!

    Treasure those treasurers!

    5th March 2018

    Photo: © Shutterstock.com/John Williams RUS. You don’t need to be a city slicker to handle club cash, but you do need to be 100 per cent honest when dealing with the club finances  A good club treasurer is most certainly an officer…

  • Talk of the Tyne with Norman Wallace

    Talk of the Tyne with Norman Wallace

    5th March 2018

    Photo: Norman Wallace. Brooklyn Robinson (left) and Paul Heathcote with a 2017 yellow hen. Brooklyn accompanied Norman on his Gateshead trip  In this special edition of his North-East roundup column, Norman visits the leading Gateshead-based Border stud of Bill & Paul…

  • Birds: Why all this Latin?

    Birds: Why all this Latin?

    26th February 2018

    Above: Strix nebulosa, the magnificent great grey owl: other owls in the genus Strix share obvious resemblances. Isn’t a bird a bird without giving it a foreign-sounding scientific name? Paul Donovan explains why those awkward Latin tags help us to think…