• Beginning with hybrids

    Beginning with hybrids

    6th April 2020

    It may be a difficult art, but the results are among the most striking to be seen anywhere in birdkeeping. PADDY DUNNE lays out the basics of hybridising two species of finch IN LAST week’s issue (April 1, page 7),…

  • Q&A: canaries

    Q&A: canaries

    6th April 2020

    Old and rare variety specialist DONALD SKINNER-REID fields some recent enquiries about keeping and breeding canaries Q Do you give your canaries cuttlefish and grit?  A Donald Skinner-Reid replies: My background in birdkeeping, as a child and teenager, was with budgies; in…

  • What makes a good exhibition zebra finch?

    What makes a good exhibition zebra finch?

    6th April 2020

    Which are the key features in a pair of exhibition zebbies that will capture the eye of judges? DAVE BROWN lists the most important and also points out some no-nos to steer clear of  MOST pedigree livestock will be bred…

  • Muling for beginners

    Muling for beginners

    6th April 2020

    Fancy a try at the ancient art of crossing finches with canaries? PADDY DUNNE sets out the basic techniques EVEN though most canary fanciers will specialise in a single breed, it is never a bad thing to create some additional interest…

  • Close, but not too close

    Close, but not too close

    6th April 2020

    Analysing his results, TONY EDWARDS can compare the effectiveness of in-breeding, close-breeding and outcrossing in his annual pairing strategy AFTER 25 YEARS of breeding Bengalese, I consider my best birds in each of my main colours (chocolate & whites, fawn…

  • Lütolf’s latest: cinnamons, opalines, specialist varieties

    Lütolf’s latest: cinnamons, opalines, specialist varieties

    19th March 2020

    Following on from his article in Cage & Aviary Birds, January 29, Fred Wright continues his exclusive review of the latest birds being produced by the great Swiss breeder DANIEL LÜTOLF. Here he considers the ‘non-normal’ varieties  SPECIALIST varieties have…

  • Border pairing essentials

    Border pairing essentials

    19th March 2020

    In the first of three articles, BILLY & PAUL HEATHCOTE reveal how to put together a successful stud of Border canaries, using the tried and test method of creating a related line of birds THERE is so much to learn…

  • Tales from the Monster Tunnel

    Tales from the Monster Tunnel

    19th March 2020

    Welcome to the allotment of GERRY PARKER, probably the best site in all Durham for chickweed. His hen canaries love it and his mates are starting to place regular orders! THROUGHOUT my birdkeeping life, from Lizards, to British birds and…

  • Norwich: a love for life

    Norwich: a love for life

    30th January 2020

    2019 was a great year for Saviour Camilleri, with his Norwich canaries winning top honours at specialist shows around the country. These included best in show at Hinckley, a mecca for Norwich fanciers, making it the third year in a…

  • The true meaning of taking stock

    The true meaning of taking stock

    30th January 2020

    A huge job for January: TONY EDWARDS has to review every bird in his stud. That’s a lot more than a day’s work! ON CHRISTMAS Eve, I started the long-overdue sort out of my stock. It was the first time…

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