• Food fit for a honeyeater

    Food fit for a honeyeater

    15th May 2019

    Above: A male scarlet honeyeater forages high in the flowering trees. Photo: © Shutterstock.com/Silva Vaughan-Jones   So what does a scarlet honeyeater eat? The answer, says top Australian softbill man JOHN KEARNEY, is more complex than you might think. Continues…

  • The man who brought the Mehringer

    The man who brought the Mehringer

    15th May 2019

    Above: Nelson in his immaculate birdroom: ‘So far the Mehringer has proved very free-breeding’ Photo: Nelson Rato   Dave Brown talks to NELSON RATO, an accomplished Portuguese canary fancier who is now living in Scotland – and is championing an…

  • How can it be going so well?

    How can it be going so well?

    1st May 2019

    Above: Pleasing sideline: a 2019-bred black-faced silver mutation. Photo: Dave Brown   DAVE BROWN is reaping the benefits of changes made to his birdroom, with some one hundred zebbie chicks already ringed. It’s just a shame about all the DIY…

  • Ringing: why, when and how

    Ringing: why, when and how

    18th April 2019

    Above: Plastic split rings. Photo: Ivan Chapman/BCCC   Colour canary champion exhibitor IVAN CHAPMAN explains his approach to placing split rings on his young birds, and talks us through this process step by step. It doesn‘t need to be fiddly!…

  • Raptor wars

    Raptor wars

    13th April 2019

    Above: The victim: buzzards habitually use posts or poles as vantage points to watch for prey   For all the conservation successes, Britain’s raptors are still routinely persecuted – and this is a systematic campaign that isn’t dying out. GRAHAM…

  • So far, so good

    So far, so good

    12th April 2019

    Above: a lightback and normal still in the nest. The normal has a promising head   An unproblematic early breeding season isn’t at all what DAVE BROWN is used to, so he’s enjoying a relative deluge of chicks – while…

  • Indulge in some West Coast style

    Indulge in some West Coast style

    12th April 2019

    Above: Say what? Despite its name, the California quail’s call is often transcribed Chi-ca-go! Photo: Chris Green   Quite easy to keep, and a doddle to breed, here’s a gamebird that will draw admiring looks from your aviary visitors, reckons CHRIS GREEN.…

  • Targeted research opens the door for assisted reproduction in parrots

    Targeted research opens the door for assisted reproduction in parrots

    12th April 2019

    Above: Philippine cockatoo: Critically Endangered and subject of a reintroduction programme   In the third of four articles, DR DAVID WAUGH explains how scientists are honing the technique of artificial insemination to improve the chances of successful breeding in rare…

  • Zoo priorities: the reality

    Zoo priorities: the reality

    5th April 2019

    Above: Red-crested turaco (Tauraco erythrolophus): Louise Peat is the European studbook keeper for this widespread tropical African bird. Although it is of Least Concern, captive studies have, she reports, yielded much fruitful information on other turaco species that are more…

  • Northumbrian Notes

    Northumbrian Notes

    25th March 2019

    Above: Key player: the photo doesn’t do him justice, but this blue cinnamon carrier Norwich cock is an important factor in developing the self cinnamon line All photos: Austin Middlemiss   Breeding birds is most absorbing when you’ve got more…