• The man who brought the Mehringer

    The man who brought the Mehringer

    15th May 2019

    Above: Nelson in his immaculate birdroom: ‘So far the Mehringer has proved very free-breeding’ Photo: Nelson Rato   Dave Brown talks to NELSON RATO, an accomplished Portuguese canary fancier who is now living in Scotland – and is championing an…

  • Ringing: why, when and how

    Ringing: why, when and how

    18th April 2019

    Above: Plastic split rings. Photo: Ivan Chapman/BCCC   Colour canary champion exhibitor IVAN CHAPMAN explains his approach to placing split rings on his young birds, and talks us through this process step by step. It doesn‘t need to be fiddly!…

  • Felt and pan advice

    Felt and pan advice

    13th March 2019

    Above: Don Bird’s breeding cages. Note the external nest compartments to left and right – these facilitate quick unobtrusive inspections. Photo Don Bird   Your canaries’ nests are their most essential resource, so you don’t want to skimp on design or…

  • Gloster fancy changes to benefit everybody

    Gloster fancy changes to benefit everybody

    6th March 2019

    Above: Lauren Wight (centre), winner of the best junior Scots prize, with Donald Skinner-Reid (left) and judge Ian Wright (right) at the NGFCC 2017 show. Photo: Norman Wallace   How to move the fancy forward? Share our ideas for a…

  • Why form a partnership?

    Why form a partnership?

    20th February 2019

    Above: Steve Dominey (left) and Bob Pepper. Even several years out of the fancy for Bob didn’t break up the Yorkie Supreme partnership, reveals Steve   If two of you instinctively think about canaries in the same way, pooling your…

  • The year of the flying Scots

    The year of the flying Scots

    8th November 2018

    Photo: Also bred in Scotland… Donald with his best Giboso at Stafford, an unflighted cock   What a positive season it has been for breeders of old and rare variety canaries – none more so than the Scots fancy, which…

  • A Scottish all-rounder

    A Scottish all-rounder

    24th October 2018

    Photo: Sandy in his impressive birdroom   Scots fancies, Lizards, north Dutch: those breeds are keeping Sandy Innes occupied now, but his career in the fancy has embraced much more. Words and photos: Donald Skinner-Reid   SANDY Innes of Grangemouth…

  • Words of wisdom

    Words of wisdom

    1st June 2018

    Photo: Donald Skinner-Reid. Scots fancy colour plates from Donald’s book, sold to him by Norwich breeder Gerry Parker   More than 100 years after it was first published, John Robson’s Canaries, Hybrids and British Birds in Cage and Aviary is still…

  • Canaries: time for a new mix

    Canaries: time for a new mix

    27th November 2017

    Above: One kind of pleasure: Colin is the first to salute the fulfilling nature of show success Over the years, COLIN MOORE has exhibited his birds, specialised in a particular breed and bred many different varieties. Now, after reflection, he has…

  • Canaries: Preparing for a dramatic debut

    Canaries: Preparing for a dramatic debut

    27th November 2017

    Photo: Donald Skinner-Reid. Donald’s 2017-bred clear yellow Scots. DONALD SKINNER-REID looks ahead to an exciting season which will see him make his bow in the champion classes. 2017 is my sixth breeding season and it is the one that has…