• Keep softbill spend down

    Keep softbill spend down

    20th March 2019

    Above: Don’s first clutch from the single-factor blue blackbirds: four chicks in total, three blues and one surviving satinette. Photo: Don Turner   DON TURNER continues his account of how he switched from hardbills to softbills, with a focus on…

  • Rules for buying

    Rules for buying

    14th March 2019

    Above: One thing you can’t really do in the budgie fancy is buy your way straight to the winner’s podium. It takes a lot of skills on top of spending   In FRED WRIGHT’s second of three articles about buying…

  • Felt and pan advice

    Felt and pan advice

    13th March 2019

    Above: Don Bird’s breeding cages. Note the external nest compartments to left and right – these facilitate quick unobtrusive inspections. Photo Don Bird   Your canaries’ nests are their most essential resource, so you don’t want to skimp on design or…

  • Research on assisted reproduction in parrots

    Research on assisted reproduction in parrots

    7th March 2019

    Above: Hyacinth macaws could benefit from AI. Photo: Cezar Correa   DR DAVID WAUGH explains how scientists are refining the technique of artificial insemination (AI) in endangered parrot species to improve the chances of successful breeding. It’s a method on…

  • Gloster fancy changes to benefit everybody

    Gloster fancy changes to benefit everybody

    6th March 2019

    Above: Lauren Wight (centre), winner of the best junior Scots prize, with Donald Skinner-Reid (left) and judge Ian Wright (right) at the NGFCC 2017 show. Photo: Norman Wallace   How to move the fancy forward? Share our ideas for a…

  • Why my selfs have returned

    Why my selfs have returned

    28th February 2019

    Above: The ideal Bengalese finch has no white feathers at all: according to the show standards, they are not permissible. Photo: Tony Edwards   TONY EDWARDS has recently reintroduced self Bengalese into his stud and here outlines the challenge of…

  • Turkish Airlines agrees to stop transporting birds from Congo

    Turkish Airlines agrees to stop transporting birds from Congo

    28th February 2019

    Above: wild African grey populations have decreased by up to 79 per cent in almost 50 years. These birds have been crammed into a crate in the Democratic Republic of Congo Photo: Lwiro Sanctuary   THE CHARITY WORLD Animal Protection…

  • White-eyes of the world

    White-eyes of the world

    27th February 2019

    Above: White-eyes, such as this Cape white-eye (Zosterops virens), eat a range of fruit. Wild birds often move though fruit trees piercing one fruit after another © Shutterstock.com/Simon_g   Known to birdkeepers chiefly by a few favourite species, the white-eyes…

  • Why form a partnership?

    Why form a partnership?

    20th February 2019

    Above: Steve Dominey (left) and Bob Pepper. Even several years out of the fancy for Bob didn’t break up the Yorkie Supreme partnership, reveals Steve   If two of you instinctively think about canaries in the same way, pooling your…

  • We must be whiter than white

    We must be whiter than white

    17th February 2019

    Above: Chestnut-backed tanager: a fine softbill which has been bred recently by Peter Moore © Shutterstock.com/Andrew M. Allport   Fans of keeping and breeding exotic softbills must never forget the songbird crisis in the East, warns GARY BRALSFORD   WITH…