• Contrasting ‘eared’ owls

    Contrasting ‘eared’ owls

    3rd October 2018

    Photo: is it something we said? The long-eared owl (pictured) and short-eared owl’s ears are, in fact, located on the side of the head and what we see on top is merely the ‘tufts’, which can be lowered and raised.…

  • It’s not you, it’s me

    It’s not you, it’s me

    28th September 2018

    Photo: Dot Schwarz. Lesson one: do not leave food out in the kitchen! Dot’s African greys help themselves to a jar of biscuits   Mistakes: they can be funny, sloppy, reversible, ignorant or tragic, says Dot Schwarz. She recounts a…

  • Where the river runs

    Where the river runs

    26th September 2018

    Photo: white-throated dipper: found in hilly locations across the UK including Wales, Ireland, Cornwall, Scotland and the Lake District   Dippers don’t merely dip, they plunge, walk and even fly under water. Bill Naylor guides us around the life of…

  • When paradise arrived in the North-East

    When paradise arrived in the North-East

    21st September 2018

    Photo: Tony Tilford. King bird-of-paradise: Geoff was lucky enough to get hold of a juvenile bird for his collection   In the 1970s, Geoff Gradwell’s collection of tropical hummingbirds, honeycreepers and tanagers was getting larger by the minute, but there…

  • Why competition matters

    Why competition matters

    19th September 2018

    Photo: As a beginner fancier, Ady set himself realistic goals each year. He is pictured here (right) holding his winning bird with Paul Redford at a Teesside Budgerigar Society show in 2013   Following on from his article last week, Ady…

  • A home for the heart

    A home for the heart

    17th September 2018

    Photo: © Shutterstock.com/Peter Wey. In the wild, the Mindanao bleeding-heart is found in the Philippines, notably the islands of Bohol and Mindanao   As Cotswold Wildlife Park looks for a suitable mate for its male Mindanao bleeding-heart dove, Chris Green explains…

  • Teflon: the dangers explained

    Teflon: the dangers explained

    13th September 2018

    Photo: Leicestershire Parrot Club. Companion birds must not be kept in the kitchen where they can be exposed to Teflon fumes, advises Lynda. Symptoms of PTFE toxicosis include wheezing and seizures   All birdkeepers should be aware of the threats…

  • Superb skulkers

    Superb skulkers

    10th September 2018

    Photo: © Shutterstock.com/sbw18. Wild hooded pittas enjoy a diet of invertebrates, their larvae and small lizards. Captive birds can be offered locusts, crickets, mealworms and waxmoths   In a beauty contest among bird families in the Old World Tropics, the…

  • Collections that count

    Collections that count

    6th September 2018

    Photo: Laura Keens.  One man’s achievements: Bernard has an impressive egg collection numbering 60,000, as well as a collection of stuffed birds and skins. He is pictured here in his library that contains about 8,000 ornithological books   Last week,…

  • ‘Flamingos are mad!’

    ‘Flamingos are mad!’

    4th September 2018

    Photo: Paul Rose/WWT. Paul at the WWT Slimbridge Centre. Without funding received from the People’s Postcode Lottery, visitors wouldn’t be able to experience ‘that sense of wonder when they see a flamingo for the first time,’ he says   There’s plenty…