Foreign finches

  • Who’s Who: Michael Baldry

    Who’s Who: Michael Baldry

    17th February 2021

    Every week, we invite an influential figure in the cage bird fancy to tell us about themselves and their view of the hobby. This week: MICHAEL BALDRY   Q Which clubs have you been most involved with? Any official roles? Michael…

  • Close, but not too close

    Close, but not too close

    6th April 2020

    Analysing his results, TONY EDWARDS can compare the effectiveness of in-breeding, close-breeding and outcrossing in his annual pairing strategy AFTER 25 YEARS of breeding Bengalese, I consider my best birds in each of my main colours (chocolate & whites, fawn…

  • The true meaning of taking stock

    The true meaning of taking stock

    30th January 2020

    A huge job for January: TONY EDWARDS has to review every bird in his stud. That’s a lot more than a day’s work! ON CHRISTMAS Eve, I started the long-overdue sort out of my stock. It was the first time…

  • A hobbyist’s progression

    A hobbyist’s progression

    2nd January 2020

    Although known for breeding colour canaries, STEVE LINES has a passion for other colourful hardbills, too. Here he shares advice for keepers of these exotic birds with Dave Brown I first visited Steve Lines a few years back to learn about…

  • How can it be going so well?

    How can it be going so well?

    1st May 2019

    Above: Pleasing sideline: a 2019-bred black-faced silver mutation. Photo: Dave Brown   DAVE BROWN is reaping the benefits of changes made to his birdroom, with some one hundred zebbie chicks already ringed. It’s just a shame about all the DIY…

  • Why kinglets are the best of the crests

    Why kinglets are the best of the crests

    4th July 2018

    Photo: Similar but different: the goldcrest (left) and firecrest are alike in size (the goldcrest being Britain’s smallest bird), but the firecrest is slightly bigger, sleeker, more colourful and less dumpy   Bill Naylor profiles two of the UK’s smallest…

  • Adventures with South American songbirds

    Adventures with South American songbirds

    30th June 2018

    Photo: Dennis Avon. Geoff’s favourite: a male and female crimson-breasted finch (Rhodospingus cruentus) – or rhodospingus finch as he refers to it. He believes these birds need to be fed on a softbill diet to maintain their crimson cap and chest…

  • Born in the USA

    Born in the USA

    9th May 2018

    Photo: © Reeves Photography. The longevity record for wild Baltimore orioles is 11 years, in captivity they have been kept for more than 14 years   Bright, tuneful and with an elegant mating display, the Baltimore oriole has lots going for…

  • Kicking off my birdkeeping adventure

    Kicking off my birdkeeping adventure

    27th April 2018

    Photo: Geoff Gradwell. Priceless memories: Geoff aged 11 with awards he had won as a junior. This was about the time that he joined the Foreign Bird League (FBL)   After more than half a century of keeping, breeding and…

  • New birdroom in sight

    New birdroom in sight

    20th April 2018

    Photo: Dave Brown. So far this year, Dave has more than 60 chicks in the birdroom with a good few normals scattered about   Things are going well in the birdroom for Dave Brown and he is making progress with his…

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