Above: Some of the British section specials donated by Shane Evans


A NEW BRITISH bird club has formed in response to next month’s South-Eastern Classic Bird Show and Sale, presented by Cage & Aviary Birds.

The South East BB&MC will host its first open show, titled The Albert Lawson Memorial, as part of the exhibition side of the December 9 event in Maidstone (see advert, October 31 issue, page 3).

The British bird show is in memory of Albert Lawson, the father of Richard Lawson from the Lawson & Wells partnership, who passed away in February.

In addition to other cash specials, to honour the late Mr Lawson a generous prize of £150 has been donated for best British exhibit by fellow British birdkeeper George Harbour.

He explained: “I wanted to help establish a new show in the South East and hope this attracts more novices to be involved. It is fitting that the perpetual trophy for best in show is a memorial to the well-respected Albert Lawson, a man who helped encourage bird breeders, especially novices.”

Other sections to confirm a show at the South-Eastern Classic will feature budgerigars, Norwich canaries, old and rare canaries and zebra finches.

To find out more about the new South East BB&MC, tel: 07376 669 333 or  07952 314 118.



British bird section hosted by the South East BB&MC: Shane Evans, tel: 07376 669 333.

Budgerigars: Fred Wright, tel: 020 8401 6979.

Norwich section hosted by the Southern Norwich Plainhead Canary Club: Geoff Louth, tel: 07900 380 765.

Old and rare canary section hosted by the OVCA: Janet Ralph, tel: 01322 270 429.

Zebra finch section hosted by the Kent Zebra Finch Club: Janet Ralph, tel: 01322 270 429.


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