Above: The PS found it was unable to move its 2021 slot at Stafford County Showground as there were ‘no other suitable dates available’. Thanking the BS for its flexibility, Les Rance said the PS will do its best to negotiate in the next 12 months with the Showground for 2022 and 2023


THE BUDGERIGAR Society’s 2021 Club Show has been moved forward by a week to prevent a disastrous clash with the National Exhibition, organised by the Parrot Society.

Cage & Aviary Birds pointed out the potential date clash to both organisations after spotting a notice promoting the 2021 Club Show in the September/October issue of the BS magazine, The Budgerigar. Both of the major shows  were being advertised for the first weekend in October 2021.

When we contacted the Parrot Society, which organises the annual one-day National at Stafford County Showground, officials stated that it would be impossible to change the 2021 event date, confirmed for October 3, due to a full programme of events at the Showground. Meanwhile, the BS informed C&AB that its Club Show had fallen on Week 39 of the calendar for more than 10 years, and that the show hall at the Dome, Doncaster, is booked three years in advance.

BS vice chairman Ghalib Al-Nasser expressed his disappointment that the Club Show on October 2-3, 2021 should clash with the National next year. He said: “We were rather surprised to learn that the National had booked the show hall on the same weekend for 2021.”

The BS General Council (GC) acted quickly and discussed the matter during a Zoom meeting on October 8. “The GC decided that, for next year, we should move the show date a week earlier to Week 38 to avoid the clash,” Mr Al-Nasser said. “We hope that the National committee will look at this matter from 2022 favourably and go back to their normal Week 40.”

Following back-and-forth correspondence with Showground officials, Les Rance, secretary of the PS, said it was clear that the Showground and the BS use different booking calendar systems. And he highlighted cause for concern over a potential further clash in 2022 and 2023.

Mr Rance explained: “We are adamant that our Nationals have always been on the second Sunday of October, but Stafford [Showground] currently take a different view.”

He continued: “The PS appreciates the BS change in date for the Club Show in 2021. This move will at least give us some time to negotiate with the Showground to try to change the dates for 2022 and 2023.

“It certainly looks as though from 2024 until 2029 we will not clash.”

If future shows go head to head on the same weekend, not only could there be no budgerigar show at the National, but it would leave traders torn between which event to attend.

Rob Innes, editor of C&AB, commented: “These two great shows must never clash. They should be arranged so that all fanciers are able to attend. Well done to the BS for being fast and flexible in heading off disaster next year.”

See page 18, October 21 for the official BS Week Numbers table (2020-2026).

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