Above: Team COM-UK at the 2020 World Show, held in Matoshinos, Portugal, where the entry was just under 24,000 birds. COM’s steering committee will formally announce a decision on the 2021 World Show very soon. President Carlos Ramoa said: ‘Thank you all for your interest and pride in the Mondial and the COM’


IN AN ATTEMPT to save the 2021 COM World Show from cancellation, COM leaders are considering moving the show to Portugal.

As reported in last week’s News (“Stop Press”, September 30), COM (worldwide) has shared online a letter from the Spanish federation FOA and COM-Spain announcing that due to event restrictions in Spain during this pandemic, they are not able to go ahead with the Valencia 2021 World Show organisation. The show was due to be held on January 22-24, 2021.

It was expected that COM’s steering committee would formally confirm the cancellation. However, COM president Carlos Ramoa told Cage & Aviary Birds that the organisation is in the process of deciding if it is possible to host the World Show in another country, “namely Portugal, whose federation has a show hall available, the necessary show staging, set of cages and a willing team.”

Mr Ramoa added that the “softer situation” in Portugal regarding Covid-19 may make this possible.

“Of course, if there will be a show, some procedures will have to be adapted to a strict safety regulation currently advised by the Portuguese DGS, the national health authority,” he said.

A final decision on the 2021 World Show is set to be made in the coming week.

On September 16, COM posted on its Facebook page that it was in receipt of a letter from the Spanish federation FOA and COM-Spain, announcing their decision not to proceed with the project because of the current pandemic and difficulties with the FEIRA DE VALENCIA managing company.

COM has stated that it fully understands the reasoning behind COM-Spain’s decision, and has awarded them “with the possibility of organising the show in January 2022.”

The worldwide pandemic has caused for the cancellation of the majority of UK bird shows, as well as the international shows, such as the 2020 Golden Ring show due to be held on December 5-6 in Belgium. Organisers of the Golden Ring Show posted online: “It would be better for us to skip the 2020 edition and look forward to December 2021 right away.”

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