In the November 29 2017, issue of Cage & Aviary Birds, famous for its signature behaviour of tricking other birds into rearing its young, the cuckoo isn’t always seen in the most favourable light, says Bill Naylor. But this fascinating bird is so much more than just a lazy parent.

In news, we report that the NCA’s application to make the National a two-day show was received by the PS and a milestone release of vultures happened in Nepal.

While Bengalese can survive on a basic diet, Tony Edwards has chosen to feed his birds a varied mix of eggfood, vegetables and different seeds to ensure they are in top condition for shows.

While he may not have been careering around the streets of Italy in a Mini Cooper, there was plenty for Graham Lee to do at Bari’s 16th International Ornithological Exhibition where he judged the F1 and F2 sections of the foreign bird entry.

Plus lots more, including canaries: Scots fancy, Starting early and Rollers: incredible judging skills; Feathers: intricately patterned pieces that make up a red kite’s plumage and Budgies: nine faults you’ve got to avoid, and dominant versus recessive genes.

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