Above: Residents at Birdworld include Bali starling (Leucopsar rothschildi), greater necklaced laughingthrush (Garrulax pectoralis) and (pictured) spectacled owls (Pulsatrix perspicillata). During park curator Duncan Bolton’s talk, he will explain the story so far with the Santa Cruz ground dove (Alopecoenas sanctaecrucis) and how positive aviculture can help with species’ conservation



BIRDWORLD HAS UNVEILED its extended daily timetable for a special Cage & Aviary Birds readers’ day on June 16.

As reported in News, April 25, readers of C&AB are invited to the Surrey park next month to celebrate its 50th year with a unique 50 per cent entry discount.

A Birdworld voucher (one voucher per person) will be printed in the May 30 issue, which will allow for the discounted entry of £7.98 per adult, £6.98 per concession, £6.48 per child (3-6). Under 3s free. Readers will need to present their C&AB May 30 issue, or cut out and present the voucher (original only) from the May 30 issue.

Background on the park’s history and breeding success spanning 50 years will be explored in three additional events Birdworld has added to the June 16 timetable, one of which will be a meet and greet with curator Duncan Bolton. Mr Bolton will update readers on the breeding season and give an introduction to the park’s new aviaries, such as the Silent Forest Songbird aviaries and the initial instalment of new homes for Citron (Cacatua sulphurea citrinocristata) and yellow-crested cockatoos (C. sulphurea). 


10.15am – Meet at the waterfowl pond at the entrance to Birdworld.

10.30am – “Welcome to the park” with the park’s education team leader Rosie Clinton. Learn what’s going on throughout the day and what to look out for (additional event).

11am – Humboldt Penguin Feeding at Penguin Island. Join Birdworld’s birdkeepers to watch the penguins dart and dive for their dinner.

11.45am – Pelican Feeding. Watch keepers feed pink-backed and great white pelicans.

12pm – “Birdworld at 50”. Join curator Duncan Bolton to learn about life in the park and the breeding season so far (additional event).

1pm – Discovery Theatre Show. This indoor presentation will showcase a range of the park’s avian species to display their natural behaviour.

2.45pm – Outdoor Flying Display. Watch different birds from around the world swoop overhead in the park’s outdoor display.

3.15pm – Meet a Keeper. After the flying display, join one of Birdworld’s keepers for an exclusive Q&A session about the different species at the park and their daily routine (additional event).

3.30pm – African Penguin Feeding. Join keepers at Penguin Beach.

4pm – Owl Prowl. Join keepers as they feed the owls at the Terry Pratchett Owl Parliament.

All timetabled events will be available to all park visitors on June 16.

VENUE: Birdworld, Farnham, Surrey GU10 4LD

FOR readers who cannot attend the C&AB event on June 16, Birdworld is offering a 25 per cent entry discount for one person per voucher (voucher in May 30 issue) within the month of June

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