Above: the International Turaco Society has donated 300 pins to Zabiso to assist with species’ fundraising and public awareness in Zanzibar. Zanzibar turacos are found only on a small reserve in the island’s centre, in the tiny area around Jozani Forest National Park


TO RAISE FUNDS to support the conservation of the extremely rare Zanzibar turaco (Tauraco fischeri zanzibaricus), a specially commissioned enamel pin badge has been launched by the International Turaco Society (ITS).

This declining subspecies of Fischer’s turaco (T. fischeri) is found on one small area of Zanzibar island in Tanzania. It is the only turaco not found on the African mainland. Funds raised from badge sales will help towards the work carried out by Zabiso, the Zanzibar Birdwatching Society, which is planning a survey to assess the state of the population, known to number no more than a few hundred birds.

The ITS has partnered with Zabiso, having already sent it 300 free pin badges for the society “to use as they see fit” to help raise funds towards the survey of the birds’ wild status, according to David Jones, ITS chairman, who is involved with this initiative.

He said: “The ITS has been selling a Livingstone’s turaco pin badge for a few years and they have been very popular [see http://www.turacos.org/sale.htm#badge].

“They had nearly run out of stock, so I looked into obtaining more but they were unavailable. I investigated commissioning a pin badge for the ITS. After communicating with committee members, it was agreed to design a pin badge of the Zanzibar turaco to help support its conservation.”

The much-needed survey was originally planned for 2020 but was delayed due to Covid. Zabiso hope to carry out the survey this year. The results will be used to help formulate plans to conserve the remaining birds and their habitat.

Mr Jones added: “Hopefully, further funds will be provided by the sale of pin badges that I have here, so the ITS can send them some finance.”


Where to get yours
THE Zanzibar turaco pin badge measures 31mm and is available from the International Turaco Society website: http://www.turacos.org/shop.html. RRP: £2 plus P&P. Up to 20 badges can be posted in one package. All proceeds will go to support the turaco survey in Zanzibar.

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