Above: chirpy London commuters prepared for the RSPB Let Nature Sing birdsong takeover on October 17 where birdsong was played in more than 5,000 public spaces, shops and offices across the country. Photo: Tom Wren, SWNS


LAST MONTH, UP to five million people listened to birdsong played in public to highlight the decline in UK bird population.

London Underground stations, shops, Edinburgh’s Murryfield and Glasgow’s Hampden Park stadiums, as well as Lincoln Cathedral, were just some of the 5,000 venues that took part in the RSPB Let Nature Sing birdsong takeover day on October 17.

The recordings featured 25 British birds, including the bittern, blackbird, cuckoo, nightingale, robin, skylark and tawny owl, and reached approximately five million people in a bid to  bring awareness to the loss of UK wildlife.

Following a recent government report, which stated that the number of birds living on farmland has decline by 46 per cent since 1970, the RSPB said its birdsong takeover was a reminder of “what we all stand to lose if the crisis facing nature is not addressed”.

An RSPB spokesperson said: “Earlier this year Let Nature Sing got the public talking about what birdsong means to them and the shocking fact that the UK has lost more than 40million birds in just half a century.

“We took birdsong to millions of people across the UK, in thousands of locations and their reaction was striking.

“Many commented on how relaxing and soothing it was to listen to birdsong and how concerning it is that these days they rarely get to do so.”

Since the charity’s birdsong radio launched, Let Nature Sing birdsong has been live streamed more than 357,00 times; on October 21 alone there were 80,000 streams.

In London’s Westfield Shopping Centre, 75,000 people listened to birdsong being played, as well as 4,000 people who passed through Westminster underground in just one hour on October 17.

The RSPB thanks everyone who took the time to talk to staff, download the radio birdsong app and who hosted an event.

Look out for #LetNatureSing on social media or listen to the Birdsong Radio via: www.rspb.org.uk/get-involved/campaigning/let-nature-sing


More information

THE RSPB Let Nature Sing birdsong takeover has ended, but you can still host your own takeover with a birdsong soundtrack. Find out more at: www.rspb.org.uk/get-involved/campaigning/let-nature-sing/ and click “Host your own”.


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