Above: Judging of best in show at the 2017 Birmingham BS open show. Any profit made from this year’s sponsorship and fundraising events on the day will go towards the 2019 open show

ALL BIRD ENTRIES to this year’s 65th anniversary show of Birmingham Budgerigar Society (BS) will be free.

To celebrate the club’s success since its formation in 1953, the silver championship club is pushing to sustain its silver status at the August open show.

Publicity officer Morris Atkinson said a free entry initiative had not been offered before in the club’s history. He explained: “For Birmingham BS to grow not only in members but in show status, we need to get more members and fanciers to bench birds at our shows. Therefore we have set a target of sustaining our status of silver for our 65th year, and a key aspect in reaching this goal is free entry for all birds entered.”

To fund the running of the event, officials have successfully raised the show’s prize money through sponsorship and donations.

Mr Atkinson said: “The risk of free entry at open shows is that the club could lose revenue. In 2017 we did not quite cover the prize money with open show entries. But for 2018 we are one step ahead and have completely covered prize money cost by seeking new sponsorship and retaining relations with current sponsors.

“If our aim of getting more entries is achieved, we not only bump up our show status but we can increase club funds from other fundraising events inside the show.”

New sponsors for the anniversary event are SAM1 Bird Products, Aviform, Northern Parrots and Omlet, alongside the regular sponsors of Pet’s Pantry (Blackheath), Bucktons, Just Supplements, Countrywide Seed, Gold Chips Bedding, Haith’s and Johnson’s. The show is under BS rules.

A second target has been set by Mr Atkinson and fellow committee member James Johnson to reach out to other clubs to share open show adverts in clubs’ schedules. Worcester BS has already agreed. A further five local clubs and fellow fanciers will be visited by Mr Atkinson and Mr Johnson in due course.

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