Above: Usually at Blue Lizard Canary Club shows and canary shows in general, any drinkers need to be removed before judging takes place, so that all the cages are uniform and cannot be considered ‘marked cages’


THE BLUE LIZARD Canary Club (BLCC) has agreed to supply free tubular drinkers for exhibitors at all of its future shows – the first time a UK club has offered this service.

Following queries from a number of Lizard canary breeders about whether or not they are allowed to put drinkers on show cages, the BLCC raised the issue of tubular drinkers at its recent AGM held at its open show on December 16, 2018 in Begbroke, Oxford.

Previously, drinkers were permitted on cages at BLCC shows, but they had to be removed before judging took place to ensure that all cages looked the same.

David Allen, founder member of the BLCC and Lizard judge, explained: “I think this is the way forward. If the BLCC owns the drinkers, they will all be the same on every show cage, so no one can say they are marked cages.”

Tubular drinkers – which are popular on the Continent – were chosen as owing to their size and shape there will be no need for them to be removed when judging. Instead, all drinkers will be fixed to the cage in the left-hand bottom corner.

During their trip to the 2019 World Show in Zwolle, Holland in January, Mr Allen and BLCC member Gary Mann bought 120 tubular drinkers, which will be made available at BLCC shows for members to use. The drinkers will be sanitised prior to the show and then again after they have been used. Mr Allen continued: “The plan is to have them in a plastic box in a sanitising solution for members to take to put on their cages. After the show, the used drinker will be put into a different plastic box and will again be sanitised.”

For more information on the BLCC, visit: www.bluelizardca-nary.com

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