Above: both Mr Berrill (left) and Mr Finn (right) continue to develop the Stafford breed and will offer advice to the BCCC where necessary


THE BRITISH COLOUR Canary Club (BCCC) has adopted the Stafford canary under its umbrella, following the closure of the official breed club.

Members of the recently folded Stafford Canary Club (SCC) are invited to join the BCCC, which has incorporated the Stafford classification into its Show Standard and Rule Book.

Speaking to Cage & Aviary Birds, BCCC secretary Ivan Chapman said: “The BCCC has taken the Stafford canary under its wing. The variety is popular with coloured canary breeders in the UK, so the BCCC has decided to add them to its classification for those who want to exhibit them.”

He continued: “We are the only specialised club in the UK that caters for them.”

Since the BCCC’s inception in 2017, it has hosted the open show of the SCC alongside the BCCC Premier Show. Now, Stafford classes and specials awards will be offered at both the BCCC Championship Show and BCCC Premier Show.

In the past few years, the SCC has not been membership based. On behalf of the SCC, former secretary Stephen Berrill, said: “The society has been there for guidance and information to any fanciers and organisations who have requested this. After a lot of thought both Peter Finn [former SCC president and current BCCC chairman] and myself agreed that to safeguard the future of the Stafford, now is the time to allow the Stafford to be taken under the umbrella of the BCCC to lead them into the future.”

The outgoing SCC officials believe the BCCC can offer many benefits to Stafford breeders. “We recommend all Stafford breeders join the BCCC, which is only £10 per year,” said Mr Berrill.

For BCCC membership enquiries, contact Ivan Chapman on 07745 671 329 or email: ivankchapman@gmail.com

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