Above: The new plastic Trespa cage: passed by members and the Budgerigar Society


THE BUDGERIGAR SOCIETY (BS) has given the thumbs up to a new additional plastic Trespa cage to the standard show cage.

Gren Norris, the society’s show cage inspector, approved a sample cage on May 14, following a visit from the BS-registered supplier Phil Reaney.

Mr Reaney, who is to accept the BS presidential chain this year, told Cage & Aviary Birds of a scheme he plans to launch with regard to these new cages. He explained: “As the registered supplier of these cages, if a bird club wishes to buy in quantities of 12, I will throw in a 13th cage for free, which the club can then auction or raffle off to raise club funds. I believe the money should go right back to the grassroots members.”

Mr Reaney says that he won’t be profiting from this scheme: “I’m doing this as part of my presidential efforts. There will be no profit or gain to myself. I’m simply trying to kickstart the good will in the hobby again.”

The new standard single show cage was approved by the membership in April but had to be pass BS acceptance, which involved the approval of the manufacturer and payment of their annual registration fee. Additionally, a sample cage had to be supplied, and then approved, by the BS show cage inspector (see News, May 12).

THE Trespa show cage will be available to purchase from registered supplier SCM82 Phil Reaney: Garland House, 205 Lincoln Road, Branston, Lincoln LN4 1NS. Tel: 07970 880 990.

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