Above: No Club Show for a second year… however, the BS has announced a spring event to ‘kick start’ the show season in 2022, to be organised by the Club Show management team. Dave Hislop  said: ‘The decision reached regarding a spring event is brilliant news. This allows time for the management team to meet and plan the way forward, hopefully during the summer months’


THE BUDGERIGAR SOCIETY has made an early decision to cancel this year’s Club Show due to the pandemic. The topic of September’s Club Show was discussed during a BS General Council meeting on February 25, which included BS show director Dave Hislop.

The discussion turned to complications that would need to be considered, such as hotels, gathering restrictions, venue restrictions on numbers and whether limitations on numbers would be financially viable to the BS and individual traders.

Mr Hislop delivered his and the Club Show management team’s thoughts to the GC during the meeting. He told C&AB: “Making the decision early regarding the Club Show is the right way to go, in my opinion, because of the vulnerability due to the age profile of the members and the costs involved in running the show. There is an ongoing uncertainty until everyone has experienced a decent length of time being free of the majority of lockdown rules, which will allow confidence in meeting in large groups to re-build.”

He continued: “None of us know what lasting restrictions/rules will be laid down as we come out of the lockdown situation. For example, imagine having to clean/sanitise tables every time someone left their seat at the round table in the centre of the Dome. What a nightmare to manage and police! Also presenting 100 trophies fully sanitised (as major sporting events have to do) would be another nightmare.”

Moving the Club Show to November was discussed, he added, with the following feedback:

  • A third surge of the virus is predicted for autumn 2021, which would lead to cancellation.
  • Due to avian flu, all bird gatherings/movements of birds are currently banned. With the way avian flu is in the UK now, it is likely there will be a surge next autumn.

A BS statement confirming the decision reads: “The General Council spent some time debating the Club Show management team’s thoughts and although not a decision taken easily and with heavy heart, it was unanimously agreed that the Club Show 2021 is to be cancelled.”

Reacting to the news, C&AB editor Rob Innes said: “I’m absolutely gutted for all breeders of exhibition budgies. Fingers crossed for the earlier shows this season.”

All other BS patronage shows in 2021 can go ahead, subject to government and local restrictions. The GC confirmed that the £250 allocated to each area society for a 2020 young bird show is still available and the show may be held at any time in 2021.

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