Above: Due to the pandemic, Phil Reaney’s BS presidency has been extended to 2023. He said: ‘I’ve always tried to give back to the hobby as a thank you for what this hobby has given me’


FACING A PRESIDENTIAL year with potentially limited shows and events, Phil Reaney’s term as Budgerigar Society president has recently been extended until 2023 – the society’s first extended presidency since Dave Cottrell came back as president in 2006, after bird flu had cancelled the 2003 show season.

Speaking to C&AB, Mr Reaney said: “The longer duration of my presidency because of Covid gives me more time to try and build on new ideas and hopefully be influential in guiding the society into a new positive future. Two years will give me a better understanding for what is required.”

Currently, arrangements for the transfer of the presidential chain of office from Ronnie Simpson to Mr Reaney is subject to government restrictions, so Mr Reaney has not yet entered his term. The chain is to be presented to Mr Reaney at the first physical General Council (GC) meeting, organised event or other opportunity.

“The chain, of course, is a symbol of the position bestowed on me and usually worn at events within the hobby and I hope pinpoints me if anyone wishes to discuss anything,” said Mr Reaney. “But the real work will be in the GC meetings and any sub-committees that I am seconded on to.”

He spoke of one disappointment of the role: “Although I am able to take part in discussions and make proposals, presidents are not allowed to vote on anything. I feel that as a person with new views and ideas, it is a shame you cannot add weight by using a meaningful vote within the GC.”

His initials aims:

  • To endeavour to achieve empathy with the goals and ideas within the GC. “There will be members old and new and we need to respect one another’s opinions and at times agree to disagree but accept democratically decisions reached.”
  • Utilise members’ professional qualifications and skills. “A question could be added to the membership and ring order form similar to: ‘Are you a member or qualified person in any particular skill or ability and would you be willing to assist in any matter involving that skill if called upon by the GC?’”
  • Put forward the idea that any group or sub-committee within the BS should contain some members who have abilities or qualifications linked to the topic under review, “so that their findings when fed back to the GC are of a sound and evidential finding.”



THE provision of an additional plastic cage to the standard show cage (resolution 22) was passed following a recent rule change (via membership postal ballot, see March/April 2021 issue of The Budgerigar).

This rule change is now waiting for BS acceptance, which involves the following two steps:

1. Approval of the manufacturer and payment of their annual registration fee.

2. A sample cage to be supplied and then approved by the BS show cage inspector (Gren Norris).

Phil Reaney told C&AB he has already made plans to meet with Mr Norris to supply a sample cage. More about this in a forthcoming issue.

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