Above: All change – at the BS Spring Event in May, the exhibition birds will be benched by colour to reduce the need for moving birds around and hence the number of stewards


By Georgina Probert

The Budgerigar Society (BS) is trialling a new show staging format at its Spring Event 2022, held on May 21 and 22 at The Dome in Doncaster.

Usually the exhibition birds are staged by section – champion, intermediate, novice and junior –­ and then in classes by colour. However, this year the BS will only be staging the birds by colour. In addition, the any age birds will be 2021-ringed only, aside from the young birds, which will, of course, be 2022 -ringed. The numbering and classification remain the same.

The BS hopes members will embrace this concept, which is well-established and used at many specialist and rare variety shows across the country.

Terry Tuxford, BS publicity officer, explained: “The advantage is that the birds can be judged at the location where they are staged, which means far less movement of the birds and the need for fewer stewards.

“From an exhibitor’s point of view, benching by colour means they get to see all the various colours together. The disadvantage is if you are an intermediate exhibitor, for example, you will not be able to view all of the intermediate birds as a group, to see how your birds compare overall.”

One other minor disadvantage is that at lifting time the exhibits will be spread around the room rather than just in a section location. “However, this is normal practice at specialist and rare shows, and operates without issue,” adds Mr Tuxford.

Judges engaged are Phil Reaney (BS president), Roy Aplin, Richard Bowker, Bev Hutt, Tony Pope, Maurice Roberts and Andy Thorpe.

Trophies up for grabs

The BS will offer 19 one-off crystal-style trophies for Best in Show; Best Opposite Sex in Show; Best 2020 Bird; Best Opposite Sex 2020 bird; Best 2021 Bird; Best Opposite Sex 2021 bird; Best 2020 bird in each of the four sections; Best 2021 bird in each of the four sections; Best Team in show; Best Pair in Show; Best Colour Budgerigar; Best Colour Budgerigar Pair and Best Colour Budgerigar Team.

For more information, visit: www.budgerigarsociety.com

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