Above: the BC is initially an online resource that encourages global membership. ‘Demand will dictate how the BC will develop beyond its online presence,’ explained Mr Tuxford


A NEW ONLINE club that supports and encourages pet budgerigar keepers and breeders has been established by the Budgerigar Society (BS).

The Budgerigar Club (BC) will provide a key resource hub and support network to owners of pet budgerigars, say officials. Terry Tuxford, member of the BS General Council and editor of The Budgerigar, said: “While the BS had a pet budgerigar section some years ago, it never really took off because the main focus of the Society was exhibition budgerigars. 

“The name was chosen because it was the original name of the BS and it seemed befitting to celebrate the society’s long and illustrious history by using this name.”

The BC is open to anyone around the world for an annual payment of £10 per family and membership runs for 12 months from the date of joining. “Most other clubs offer annual membership that starts from January 1 each year,” added Mr Tuxford. 

Membership benefits include: extensive information on the care of budgerigars; access to (and a place on) the Budgerigar Pet Breeder’s Directory; exclusive BC seed mixes and other products; a specialist veterinary list; and an exclusive community of budgerigar enthusiasts.

While the main aim of the club is to enhance the enjoyment of the ownership of budgerigars, the club will also provide a pathway from pet to exhibition budgerigars. 

Mr Tuxford explained: “The Budgerigar Club was formed in response to the increased interest in pet budgerigars and to encourage people of all ages to take an interest in budgerigars. 

“It also provides a pathway from pet ownership through to breeding and exhibiting, should people wish to take up the challenge. The Pathway is a planned route that takes owners on a journey that eventually ends with exhibition budgerigars, but with stepping off points along the way.”

To join the BC or for more information, visit: www.budgerigarclub.com

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