Above: The Premier scheme warrants no added classification; it is a voluntary title that all exhibitors can compete for, advises the BS.

THE BUDGERIGAR SOCIETY’S (BS) new Premier title is to be rolled out across all five statuses, and not just for champions.

Previously, the BS proposed a Premier Champion title to provide extra showing incentives for champion exhibitors and had sought members’ feedback.

The response highlighted two areas of confusion: first, members thought the title had already been implemented, and second that it would be a new sixth status.

But after a General Council (GC) meeting on October 12, the BS advised that the voluntary scheme (not a new status), will become operative from the 2018 show season (February 1) and will now involve all five statuses – junior, beginner, novice, intermediate and champion – to compete for an annual title.

Exhibitors can participate annually for this self-monitoring title, so long as they comply with the criteria set out by the BS GC (see News, June 28). The GC is to revisit the Premier title criteria next year so that it applies to all five statuses.

At the end of a show season, members who take part in the scheme must notify BS patronage administrator Ronnie Simpson with details of where they have exhibited, for him to verify.

The idea is to increase entries at the Challenge Certificate and area show, as well as the BS Club Show, as exhibitors attempt to qualify for a Premier title.

During the feedback stage, GC members attending area shows were approached by members, who questioned why the scheme only targeted champions.

Ghalib Al-Nasser, BS vice chairman, told Cage & Aviary Birds: “The BS wishes to encourage champions to exhibit, but the GC agreed with members that we also should be encouraging all other statuses.

“We were very disappointed that only 10 members bothered to write to us despite our appeal being repeated twice in the May and July issue of The Budgerigar requesting feedback.”

The BS editor and GC member Terry Tuxford added: “From reading the feedback on the proposal, one big concern is the level of misunderstanding.

“For instance, some members still think this is about introducing another show section. It’s not a section; this is an award that has to be achieved annually. If a Premier title exhibitor doesn’t do well the following show season, they will lose the right to use the title.”

An article on the Premier title will appear in The Budgerigar early next year.

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