Above: The F. C. & J. McGovern partnership, pictured with Pete Hutchinson, will now have to wait until 2021 to see if they can achieve their hat-trick Club-Show win. Commenting on this year’s Club Show cancellation, BS president Ronnie Simpson said: ‘We took into consideration the mechanics of organising shows in such times of social distancing, whether or not venues would be available or capable to do so. Plus,
some BS judges are not confident in travelling with Covid-19 still being around’


TO MAKE UP for its cancelled 2020 show season, the Budgerigar Society (BS) General Council (GC) has unanimously decided to organise two Club Shows next year.

During an online meeting on May 28, the GC confirmed that due to the continued uncertainty over government guidelines on Covid-19, the 2020 Club Show is cancelled; BS patronage for the entire show season has been withdrawn.

The committee agreed that the age of its membership and “the likely reduced number of exhibitors and visitors willing to attend” this year’s Club Show would result in a financial disaster for the BS. Therefore, two Club Shows are to be arranged in 2021: one at the end of the breeding season (May or June 2021), and a second on October 2-3 2021 (week 39). The GC said: “The proviso is that social distancing has been sufficiently lifted to allow activities such as these to go ahead.”

An AGM and Convention may be incorporated into the early show. More information will be released by the BS in due course. The last time the BS’s show season was cancelled was in 2003, owing to reovirus.

The decision to cancel both the 2020 Club Show and BS patronage had been discussed at length by the BS show committee, led by Dave Hislop. Mr Hislop said: “The new Club Show management team had a number of phone meetings and debated the current 2m social distancing rules, but the Dome is just not big enough.”

President Ronnie Simpson, from Leeds, will remain in his role for another year. He said: “Under exceptional circumstances I’m pleased to be given the position of president for a second year 2019/20. The last time the position of president was two years in a row was in 1945/46 by Mr R.J. Watts.”

He  encourages fanciers to take “full advantage of these times in producing exceptional show budgerigars for the future.”

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