Above: Some of our Élite List starred in the National arena this year – but not all


NEXT WEEK’S SPECIAL issue of Cage & Aviary Birds will reveal for the first time the names of the most feared competitive birdkeepers on the exhibition scene.

To compile the C&AB Élite List 2019, the paper secured expert assessments from some of the most knowledgeable fanciers on the current show circuit.

Editor Rob Innes explained: “We asked two simple questions. Who has been the toughest competitor this year with your chosen variety? And, which rising star should we all watch during 2020?

“There was no room for sentiment – we want to know who are THE BEST. So, were the writers required to exclude themselves from their nominations? Not at all!”

As a result, the Élite List next week reveals 16 key names: the top competitors and rising stars from eight branches of the fancy in 2019. “These are the performers who grabbed the plaudits this year,” said Mr Innes. “But can they repeat the feat in 2020? We shall see!”

Élite quotes: who or what did they mean?

  • “Now here is one that everybody should worry about.”
  • “Will 2020 be the year when the Italians arrive on the UK show circuit?”
  •  “His winners were active and small in stature with a slim body and a chest not overly large.”
  • “The northern powerhouse duo are still bringing home the awards.”
  • “Room for improvement? Just one: –––– should take his birds to the World Show.”
  • “The fancy owes much of the development of the modern –––– to him.”

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