Above: Two of the donated birds from Mid Essex BS’s 2019 online raffle: Maarten Heylen and Connor Hickman birds. The 20 raffled budgies averaged a staggering 282 tickets per bird. Winners were spread from Essex to the Isle of Wight and the West Country, to Scotland and Northern Ireland


AFTER AN INCREDIBLE four years hosting the largest-ever online raffles the fancy has seen, Mid Essex BS is opening up its 2020 raffle to other budgerigar societies.

All budgerigar clubs in the UK with gold, silver or bronze status shows are invited to enter a prize (bird- or budgerigar-related products) into this September’s Mid Essex BS raffle and pocket a share of the money raised from its £1-a-raffle-ticket sales (minus any delivery and credit card payment costs).

The raffle will be drawn live at Mid Essex BS’s open show on September 6 at Blackmore Village Hall, Blackmore, Essex. But clubs need to act quickly, because the deadline to register interest is February 29.

Mid Essex BS is looking to make upwards of 20 prize spaces available to other clubs. If more applications are received than space permits, all interested budgerigar clubs will be entered into an electronic draw.

“We’ve had four unbelievable years since the conception of the online raffle,” Mid Essex BS sponsorship secretary Graham Paine told Cage & Aviary Birds. “Sales and popularity soared each year and we quickly realised that by opening this raffle up to all fanciers in the UK, the club would be offering something quite unique to the fancy.”

But what does Mid Essex BS gain? “The possibility that with more clubs actively involved, the raffle-ticket sales could increase and benefit all the prizes in the process including the ones put up by Mid Essex BS’s own sponsors,” explained Ricky Anderson, club promotional secretary.

Mr Paine added: “The club really went all out last year and secured some amazing breeders and prizes, and we were well rewarded with more than £3,000 going into the Mid Essex account as a result.

“However, there is only so much money a club needs and it was decided that we could now use this platform and extensive database in a way that would really benefit other clubs by giving those joining us a good cash injection.”


The prize must be valued in excess of £100
The prize must be budgerigar-related
Delivery costs to the winner will be deducted from the relevant prize pot
Payments by credit card will carry a small fee, which will be deducted from the respective prize pot
All remaining monies for the prize will be paid to the club as soon as delivery is organised to the winner
Mid Essex BS will cover all promotional costs, licencing and administration

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