Above: Click to bid: last year this set of prizes sold nearly 11,500 tickets for raffle hosts Mid Essex BS, with the proceeds shared between 13 budgie clubs. Photo: Website maintained by Mid Essex BS


CAGE & AVIARY BIRDS today announces a new nationwide raffle that’s designed to raise vital funds for local clubs.

The Cage & Aviary Birds Grand Christmas Raffle, to be drawn on December 11 2021, is based on the highly successful raffle staged in 2020 by Mid Essex BS. Last year’s event sold nearly 11,500 tickets on behalf of 13 budgerigar clubs. The 2021 raffle is open to clubs from all branches of birdkeeping.

Rob Innes, C&AB editor, said: “This is a brilliant opportunity for local clubs to generate much-needed revenue this Christmas. It’s the brainchild of Graham Paine and Ricky Anderson at Mid Essex BS. They approached C&AB and said they wanted to work with us this year so that the whole fancy can benefit.”

How it works

  • To enter, a club must guarantee a named prize (birds, equipment, feed, etc) worth at least £100.
  • Photos and details of each prize, including the name of the donor club, are placed on the raffle website.
  • Entrants “bid” for the prizes they want by ordering raffle tickets relating to each prize.
  • The draw determines the winners of all the prizes.
  • If requested, prizes are conveyed from the donor to the winner by leading courier firm Walkers European Express.
  • The cash sum of the tickets bought for each prize is paid to the club that donated it.

NOTE: For each prize, Mid Essex BS will deduct an allowance for transport (at cost) if arranged, and any card charges that apply.

How to enter

The raffle is open to bona fide local clubs and area societies, not to national societies.

  • To register interest in entering, an appointed contact for the club must email: not later than Friday, August 13.
  • The entry email must provide (a) the name and contact details of the club contact; (b) the name of the club; (c) the identity of the prize (e.g. “CYB Norwich canary bred by Fred Bloggs”).

NOTE: For practical reasons, the overall number of prizes may be capped (e.g. at 30 prizes), in which case a preliminary draw may be held to finalise the entries.


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