Above: Fred Smith (left) won the 2019 best canary breeding award for hatching 21 Yorkshires and 23 new colours, while president Roger Tippett (right) picked up the ‘Best British hardbill breeding’ and ‘Best British’ awards. Right: Jake Bishop submitted the club’s first breeding form from a junior for many years. His contribution included cockatiels and a foreign hybrid. ‘This is encouraging for the society’s future,’ said Mark Hemmings


FOREIGN AND BRITISH bird keepers have submitted their canary breeding endeavours for the first time in Severn Counties F&BBS history.

In addition to the club’s annual audit of foreign and British bird bred, seven members included canary results in their 2019 breeding returns. A total of 164 canaries were bred from 40 pairs of eight different types: Yorkshire, Gloster, Fife, Irish fancy, raza, Stafford, Norwich and new colour.

“The best canary breeding for 2019 was awarded to our chairman Fred Smith, who managed to produce 21 Yorkshire and 23 new colours,” said Mark Hemmings, the club’s breeding officer.

“We now have a few members that only keep canaries, and with a declining number of members keeping birds we need to keep the interest in submitting breeding returns and at our awards evening.”

The club invites members’ canary results for future breeding returns. “It was a welcomed addition by members,” Mr Hemmings added.

In the foreign and British categories, 123 British birds – including mule and hybrids – and 467 foreign were bred in 2019; 19 birds were recorded as hand-reared or fostered.

While British birds bred fell by a third, the club still had reason to celebrate with its first breeding of a snow bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis) by member Billy Fairchild.

“The society has recorded all species of birds bred by its members since 1972, which is now in excess of 250,” said Mr Hemmings.

When a new species is bred, the member is awarded with a First Breeding Diploma at the club’s breeding awards event in January.

The 2019 “stand-out breeding achievement” and deserving winner of “Best Overall Breeding Award” was produced by Geoff Deller. He bred 13 species of foreign birds, which included blue-crowned hanging parrots. “This follows on from his equally impressive performance in 2018,” Mr Hemmings added.

The 2019 breeding results will appear in Club News in a forthcoming issue.

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