HEARTLESS THIEVES WHO targeted a Kent pub knocked cockatoos and parrots off their perches before escaping with two macaws tightly wedged into pillowcases.

CCTV caught the moment three intruders cut through the perimeter fence and entered the grounds of the Fenn Bell Inn in Medway at 11pm on September 11. They ignored other enclosures that housed meerkats, cotton-top tamarins and birds of prey, and headed for the parrot aviary. They levered off locks and bolts to gain access.

In the footage, the thieves are seen trying to catch the birds for 30 minutes before being disturbed. They escaped with a male green-winged macaw (Ara chloropterus) and a male blue-and-gold macaw (A. ararauna).

Pub landlord Andy Cowell, 47, said: “This project was set up for the community and the intruders have probably visited us before. “It’s distressing to watch them in the aviary, and you can see the green-winged put up a fight as he lost most of his tail feathers in the process.

“A lot of effort went into making sure the birds are well looked after and feel safe – and now we feel as though we’ve let them down.”

Mr Cowell had taken on unwanted animals at his farm, before setting up the attraction when he moved to the Fenn Bell Inn two years ago. It houses farmyard and exotic animals, the latter of which aren’t on display while the pub applies for a zoo licence.

Now, a £10,000 reward has been offered for the return of the two macaws and prosecution of the offenders. Security has since been stepped up.

● Do you know anything about the break-in and missing parrots? Contact Kent Police on 101.