Above: Lizard canary fanciers are invited to bench natural-coloured Lizards at South Bucks Canary Breeders Association show in Buckinghamshire (left) and at the Blue Lizard Canary Club in neighbouring Oxfordshire


TWO SOUTH EAST canary clubs will welcome classes for natural-coloured Lizard canaries – otherwise known as non-colour-fed – at their stand-alone open shows later this year.

Six trial “natural-coloured” classes will be available at the South Bucks Canary Breeders Association (SBCBA) open show in November, and the Blue Lizard Canary Club’s (BLCC) December show, for champion and novice fanciers to compete in.

The classes are as follows:

  • natural-coloured gold cock;
  • natural-coloured gold hen;
  • natural-coloured silver cock;
  • natural-coloured silver hen;
  • natural-coloured over-year (OY) gold cock or hen;
  • natural-coloured OY silver cock or hen.

SBCBA chairman Brian Hogg told Cage & Aviary Birds: “I approached club members earlier this year and the general consensus to include natural-coloured Lizards was positive. The details were then finalised at the July 2 meeting.

“Whether colour-fed, gold, silver, blue or natural-coloured, these birds are all Lizards and it would be a shame to exclude one section and their followers.”

BLCC members had also requested to add  natural-coloured Lizard classes to the show schedule. Club chairman Gary Mann explained: “We felt that being able to show natural-coloured Lizards that would otherwise not be seen outside the breeder’s birdroom should be supported. We are keen that all breeders have the chance to show their birds, whatever choice they make.”

OMJ judge Kevin McCallum will judge the natural- coloured Lizards and Joe Coakley will judge the colour-fed Lizards at the SBCBA show. Natural-coloured Lizards and blue Lizards benched at the BLCC show will be judged by OMJ judge Simon Tammam.

BLCC secretary David Allen added: “We want to see as many Lizards at shows as possible and I think this initiative will help.”


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