Above: Stan Bolton with his bronze medal for a blue Lizard canary at the World Show, 2013. COM-UK will not be sending a team of birds to the Portugal event in January 2021


COM-UK WILL NOT participate in next year’s World Show, which recently announced a proposed move from Spain to Portugal.

The COM-UK committee agreed unanimously not to send a team of birds to the COM World Show on January 22-24, 2021, because of Covid-19 restrictions on travel and the possibility of quarantine on attendees’ return.

A statement from COM-UK said other factors helped to make its decision, including the vulnerable age group of most COM-UK members and its conveyors, and the fact that DEFRA is yet to finalise regulations once the UK is out of the EU.

COM-UK said it wished the Portuguese federation “every success in organising the World Show with our apologies for not participating in the show.”

Commenting on COM-UK’s statement, its secretary Ghalib Al-Nasser told C&AB: “All those factors and uncertainties have made the management committee decide not to participate in the 2021 World Show but look forward to participating in the 2022 show in Spain when, hopefully, all those uncertainties have been resolved.”

This will be the first year since its formation in 2011 that COM-UK will miss out on sending a team to the World Show.

“But it’s the right decision,” added COM-UK president Richard Lumley. “Our main conveyor Gary Mann could not get five weeks off work. He would have had to be at the show 16 days then travel back and have another 14 days off work to quarantine – it’s not possible.”

We reported in the October 14 issue that World Show organisers had accepted a proposal, backed by COM-Portugal, to move the cancelled 2021 Valencia event to Santarem in Portugal. Registration for the 2021 event opens on November 15, 2020 but the decision on whether the show will go ahead observing the latest Covid-19 regulations will be reviewed on December 15, 2020, when the entries are to be closed.

COM-UK is to ask COM to postpone the third stage of the London fancy canary presentation until 2022. More on this next week.

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