Above: Good old days: Belgian exhibitor Marnix D’Hont (left) with former IGBA president Dave Hobart. The IGBA is currently considering other initiatives for international exhibitors


THE INTERNATIONAL GLOSTER Breeders Association (IGBA) has relaunched its points competition to find the UK Gloster Champion of Exhibitors and Champion of Novice Exhibitors.

Launching next month, the competition will run over a full season of all-Gloster exhibitions from October to December. Using a league principle, each exhibitor who enters any of the 16 UK all-Gloster affiliate association shows over the 12-week show season will be awarded points.

Exhibitors will earn points for being awarded best Gloster (50), best champion (30), best novice (30), best junior (30) and best colours (10), with buff and 3/4 dark corona and consort also gaining 10 points. Class positions will also be awarded points, giving every exhibitor the chance to appear on the leader board in any particular year.

Bob Mortimer, IGBA secretary and treasurer, explained: “The object, apart from identifying an ultimate best champion and best novice exhibitor, is to encourage exhibitors to attend and support as many all-Gloster events as they can. The more exhibitions one enters, the greater the chance of being at the top of the league.

“We also want to encourage all Gloster societies to affiliate to the IGBA to enable their members to participate and to encourage new exhibitors to take part in friendly competition.”

There will be two leagues – champion and novice – with the top of the leader boards on December 31 receiving a trophy at the following year’s AGM.

International exhibitors and CBS shows have not been forgotten, stressed Mr Mortimer. The IGBA is looking at a separate initiative for exhibitors from overseas and also how to increase numbers in the Gloster sections at CBS events. He added: “We appreciate that due to import restrictions, continental exhibitors engaging in UK shows is at a low point. The IGBA recognises that our overseas members also want to be involved, so other interesting initiatives are being brought to the table for committee consideration.”

For more information and updates, visit the IGBA website: www.igba.co.uk

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