Above: Chairman Dave Harris mans the AFS stand at the 2017 National Exhibition where it launched an English version of the Dutch book Australian finches and their mutations

THE AUSTRALIAN FINCH Society (AFS) is appealing to members old and new to get more involved in taking the society forward by coming up with innovative ideas and suggestions.

In the past five years, AFS membership has been slowly growing, and chairman Dave Harris and officials on the AFS council are looking to keep this momentum going.

Mr Harris explained: “Like all societies or clubs we are always looking to take on new ideas or members who want to step up and help with the running of the society. We are lucky to have a solid core of support, but we are all getting older and it would be nice to have new younger blood and ideas to help take the society forward.”

Often members are put off from stepping up and giving their opinion as they fear they may be pressured into a committee role. However, the AFS is not looking for any direct replacements at present.

“Attendees need not fear they will be press- ganged into taking up a position,” added Mr Harris.

“But if members are keen to join the council, come to the AGM on February 18 where all positions are up for grabs, if someone has the commitment and support.

“As some of the caretakers of the society are coming up to their best-before date and the others are running out of steam, we are asking for your help to keep our club and, in turn, this great hobby going forward.”

All AFS committee meetings are open to paid-up members to attend and make suggestions or comments. Mr Harris said: “We all pay the same subs, so I believe we should all be able to come and take part.”

● If you have any suggestions, please email the AFS at: austfinchsoc@googlemail.com. For more information or to become a member, visit: www.australianfinchsociety.co.uk

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