Above: Joe Coakley: in 2016 he became chairman of the East Anglia Lizard Canary Association and helped greatly in the formation of the NELCC


FOUR LONG-SERVING FANCIERS have been recognised twice for their activities over many years in the fancy.

In early October, the North East Lizard Canary Club (NELCC) applied to the National Council for Aviculture (NCA) for long-service badges (25 years or more) to be awarded to Alan Jordan, Joe Coakley, Ron Hill and Colin Patterson.

To further commemorate the members’ distinguished achievements, NELCC secretary Keith Barker and treasurer John Barker also put forward the four names for the NCA’s Roll of Honour. This prestigious list marks the achievements of living aviculturists.

The NCA confirmed it had recently “recognised the service, dedication and expertise” of all four members.

“During lockdown the NELCC came to realise the considerable achievements of four of its members, which it rightly wished to see acknowledged via the NCA’s awards scheme,” explained Barry Mills, NCA publicity officer.

He continued: “Having served the hobby for so many years, they each in their own way are still contributing to its future development.”

Alan Jordan started in the hobby with great success as a crest canary exhibitor and later ventured into Fiorino frills and Lizards. He is the founder of “The International Lizard Canary Forum” Facebook group, which has more than 1,200 members.

Lizard canary stalwart Joe Coakley joined the Lizard Canary Association judges panel in the 1980s and was involved in the formation of the NELCC. Commenting on the honour, Mr Coakley said: “I still possess the same drive and enthusiasm for aviculture as when I started with Lizards at 12 years of age, some 48 years ago.”

Roll Hill’s main breeds of interest are red factor canaries and Lizards. He has supported several local clubs over the years including the NELCC and was until recently the treasurer of the North East Red Canary Association.

In 50-plus years, Colin Patterson has kept most exhibition bird varieties. His support of local clubs, including the NELCC, involves exhibiting, judging or helping out in any way, particularly in encouraging beginners.

Keith Barker, NELCC secretary, commented: “Between all four they represent more than 160 years of aviculture and it was an honour for us to propose them for the awards.”

NCA certificates and badges have been sent out to the four members.

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