Above: Last-minute staging had to be made two days before the East Anglian Lizard Canary Association open show as entries increased. A total of 110 extra birds were benched in the competition compared to 2018


THE EAST ANGLIAN Lizard Canary Association celebrated with almost 250 benched entries at its Cambridgeshire show on October 20, which club officials are calling a record at any all-Lizard show in more than a decade.

The open show at Emneth Village Hall in Wisbech, welcomed a total of 249 birds on the staging in colour-fed, natural and blue classes, as well as 30 in the sales class. In comparison, last year’s competitive benched figure was 139.

“It’s a big leap forward,” said chairman Joe Coakley. Andy Williamson, club publicity officer, added: “This without doubt is the largest figure at any all-Lizard show for more than 10 years, and I believe it’s a number that will not be seen in the UK again this show season.”

Officials believe the increase is down to the club’s “three-year commitment to drive for change” at Lizard canary shows, which started in 2016 and will continue. In 2018, to coincide with the East Anglia club’s 40th anniversary, show organisers arranged classes for natural (non colour-fed) and blue (white ground) Lizards, adding to the traditional colour-fed classes.

Furthermore, at the club’s annual shows, exhibitors and guests can enter the show hall at any time of the day, with freedom to view the exhibits.

“This no-holds-barred approach of the committee (myself, Stan Bolton and Andy Williamson) is about rebuilding dialogue and friendships at our annual show,” said Mr Coakley.

“We also delivered on the theme of driving change by engaging Tomas Hernandez of Spain, an independent highly regarded European OMJ judge of the LCA panel, rather than a judge from home soil.”

Best Lizard in show was awarded to Stan Bolton’s over-year broken cap gold hen, which also took best over-year and best champion.

“Winning a main Lizard show with an over-year bird is a feat that we believe only Norman Reeves and one other fancier has achieved before,” added Mr Coakley.

Full show results will appear in Club News in a forthcoming issue. To contact the club, call Joe Coakley on 01702 542 690 or email: j.w.coakley@btinternet.com


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