Above: best Lizard in show plus other specials at the EALCA’s ‘three-in-one’ show will only be awarded to the colour-fed exhibits. Pictured is a clear cap silver cock benched by Giorgio Massurutto. ‘A quality natural Lizard example,’ says Joe Coakley


EAST ANGLIA IS set for the UK’s first ever “three-in-oneLizard canary show for colour-fed, natural and blues.

To coincide with the East Anglian Lizard Canary Association’s (EALCA) 40th anniversary on October 14, the club will add classes for natural (non colour-fed) and blue (white ground) Lizards, adding to its already staged colour-fed classes.

The three sections will be judged separately by the same judge, David Allen. Patronage awards will only be presented to colour-fed Lizards.

The idea was implemented by the club’s committee members following its annual committee meeting in May. Chairman Joe Coakley explained: “We support the legacy of the pure-bred Lizard canary that unrestricted and uncontrolled out-crossing can bring the ruination of any breed, but this quest is long gone.

“The EALCA believe that combining the three subjects will give breeders the opportunity to add something positive to this distinctive beautiful variety, and take away a balanced view on which path they wish to follow that can only enhance the Lizard fancy.”

According to show manager Andy Williamson, having a choice to show Lizards in any chosen section may attract non-exhibiting Lizard canary breeders in the UK and also entice European fanciers.

He said: “For non-exhibiting fanciers to come and see a good gathering of quality birds can only be encouraging. And it is hoped that our European friends will return to show in the UK.

“Very few European breeders colour-feed their birds due to COM rules. In conversation with EU friends there is talk of getting together to hold a European championship show with each host holding it on rotation. Wouldn’t it be great to see the top European breeders bring their best Lizards to the EALCA show in the future?”

Respected Lizard breeder and EALCA president/secretary, Stan Bolton, believes this is the way forward for Lizard shows in the UK.

He said: “Most overseas Lizard shows have classes for the two extra categories we are now putting on. It was time for us to be brave and to do the same – it could boost entries.”

The EALCA “three-in-one” show takes place on October 14 at Emneth Central Hall, Gaultree Square, Emneth, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire PE14 8DA. For show enquiries, contact Andy Williamson (07805 369 194) or Stan Bolton (01945 584 557).

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