Above: L-r: Mid Essex BS’s first speaker Daniel Lütolf and treasurer Graham Paine, with club members Ehtasham Anwar (Ash) and Syed Zeeshan


MID ESSEX BS is one of the first UK clubs to host Skype seminars with national and international budgerigar experts – having already secured top Swiss breeder Daniel Lütolf next month.

The club will use Skype – an online communication tool that allows users to make free phone and video calls – to host its expert seminars in a bid to make them more accessible to members.

The Skype call will be connected to the club’s new HD multimedia projector for members to engage with at meetings.

Treasurer Graham Paine said: “The club is really pushing forward the concept of holding Skype seminars, with two arranged already. The first Skype talk is with well-known breeder Daniel Lütolf on April 4. Daniel has never done a Skype talk before, so we are the first club to offer its members this exclusive.”

Mr Lütolf’s talk will begin with how he became involved with budgerigars and how he progressed.

Mr Paine added: “Next, we will have a Q&A session. All questions will be recruited from our members and sent to Daniel in advance. We will hand the mic to the instigator of each question on the meeting night so that they are addressing him.

“The final part of the talk will be conducted in Daniel’s birdroom where members will get to see his set-up, pairings and specific birds.”

Then, on August 1, the club has booked its first UK-to-UK speakers, Richard & Michael Miller.

Skype also has the option of a group video call, where there can be a number of speakers, which is an option for Mid Essex BS in the future. 

Promotional secretary Ricky Anderson added: “We believe Mid Essex may be the first UK club to try Skype meetings, but I know that a club in Kuwait did something similar with Richard Miller last year.”

If the Skype meetings prove successful with members, the club will aim to run Skype sessions twice a year.

Mr Anderson added: “There is the possibility of making it a three-way session with two speakers and maybe incorporating PowerPoint presentations via Skype for business.”

Mr Lütolf has also donated two quality young 2019-bred birds for Mid Essex BS’s online raffle, which is drawn at its gold championship open show on September 8 at Blackmore Village Hall, Ingatestone.

For more information on Mid Essex BS, visit: https://midessexbs.co.uk

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