Above, left: the 2019 FFF champion FOTY Kendall Stud: brother and sister Adam and Sharon, and their mum and dad who complete the family partnership. Adam said: ‘Showing as a family, sharing the birdkeeping experience, is why we love the hobby. We congratulate the FFF in its continual pursuit of progression for the fancy.’ Right: 2019 FFF novice FOTY winners A.B.F. Fifes


ALMOST 100 FANCIERS were in the race to win the most daunting challenge of the 2019 Fife show season: to take the Fife Fancy Federation’s (FFF) Fancier of the Year (FOTY) crown.

From 55 champion and 40 novice “specials” winners, the Kendall Stud fought off champion exhibitors to annex first place (115 points) on the leaderboard; a position they held on to during the final six weeks in the intensive three-month points competition. Also maintaining their top place for six weeks, this time on the novice leaderboard, was the partnership of A.B.F. Fifes. They closed the competition on 120 points, 10 points ahead of second-placed novice Emmett McAteer.

The 2019 FOTY competition included all FFF-affiliated clubs, starting with the North Staffs & South Cheshire FCC show on October 6, 2019, and ending on January 5, 2020 with the East Anglian FFCC show. At each event, 10 points are awarded to each section winner; five points are awarded per colour special; and only six best show results count towards the exhibitor’s points total.

“What an end to the FFF’s 2019 show season!” said secretary Paul Larkin. “The East Anglian members were up at the crack of dawn to put on a fantastic show with more than 400 birds on view for judges Richard Knowles and Andy Cooper to work through. Congratulations to the Kendall Stud and A.B.F. Fifes on a fantastic achievement; the 2020 competition is going to be bigger and better.”

Winning champion Adam Kendall, from the family Kendall Stud, told C&AB that finishing runners-up in the 2018 FOTY gave them the motivation to push again in 2019. He explained: “Owing to a slow start in terms of points, we persevered with this culminating in taking five best-in-show wins; something we are very proud of. Winning the three largest shows of the year is a true highlight and something no other fanciers have achieved. We look forward to 2020 where we will defend our title.”

Celebrating their 2019 FFF novice FOTY win, A.B.F. Fifes commented: “Hopefully we can keep improving ourselves and the Fife fancy. We are over the moon with what we have achieved this year.”

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