Silver-medal winner: Chris Smith and his Fiorino frill during his 10th year visiting the World Show. He has exhibited here for half that time. Uncertainty now looms over what will be the procedures for exhibiting birds at the 2021 World Show as the UK will be out of the EU and the implementation period will also have expired (See ‘News in Brief’, page 2)


THE CANARY COUNCIL’S (CC) Chris Smith has dedicated his first-ever World Show win to the late Brian Hogg, as UK and Irish exhibitors return from Portugal with almost 40 medals.

The show, held in Matosinhos on January 24-26, saw UK fanciers bench five gold medal-winning exhibits – from Darren Hadley’s Irish fancy to Stacey Turner’s stam of redpolls – while Irish entrants achieved an impressive eight gold medals, one of which was Eugene Healy’s Irish fancy exhibit (94 points) from a class of 18 entries.

After 10 years attending the World Show and having exhibited at the event for half that time, Mr Smith told Cage & Aviary Birds he was “thrilled to bits” to win his first World Show silver medal for his Fiorino frill.

“Graham Bradbrook and I were checking the results online when Graham suddenly held his phone to his chest. I knew I had won something but we needed to double check to make sure. On entering the show hall the cage label confirmed the silver medal and that’s when it really sank in.

“My one regret is that Brian Hogg was not here to see it, for it was Brian who encouraged me to exhibit at the World Show. I’m particularly pleased my win was in Portugal; my previous achievements were one point off a medal last time the show was held in Portugal with a stam of Japanese Hosos, or as Brian put it ‘Chris, you were fourth in a class of five.’ I still prefer my version of the event!”

In an uncertain year for many UK exhibitors wishing to show abroad, as Brexit cast confusion over official procedures and paperwork, Mr Smith was positive about his experience. His birds went to the show with the UK conveyor Gary Mann.

“Getting the birds out to Portugal and back was not a problem: a vet’s certificate was all that was required,” said Mr Smith. He added: “However, things may change next year. We will be in the hands of the animal health authorities in Spain as to what documents we will require to allow us to exhibit at the 2021 World Show in Valencia.”

Mr Smith’s fellow South Bucks Canary Breeders Association members Tony Horton and Saviour Camilleri achieved a gold (non cap gold Lizard, 94 points) and silver medal, respectively.

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