Photo: Daniel Biber. The ‘giant bird’ mumuration occurred near Sant Pere Pescador, Spain. Photographer Daniel Biber said he got lucky with his shot as the shape quickly disintegrated 

THIS INCREDIBLY RARE photo opportunity of a starling mumuration in the shape of a giant flying bird has been shortlisted for the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards.

In a series of photographs taken over 10 seconds, German photographer Daniel Biber, 53, perfectly captured this unique shot of the birds merging into the shape.

Mr Biber had been observing thousands of birds in Spain over a four-day period.

He said: “I had scouted where the starlings gather in the evening to sleep, and tried to capture this impressive spectacle.

“I had the incredible luck of witnessing the rushing swarm taking on the unique shape of a huge, flying bird.”

All shortlisted photographs in the competition, run by the World Photography Organisation, will compete to win the Photographer of the Year title and US$25,000 (£18,000 approx).

Winners will be announced on April 19, and an exhibition will follow between April 20 and May 6 at Somerset House, London.

For more information about the annual competition, visit:

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