A NEW PICTORIAL model of the exhibition Gloster canary has been confirmed by the Gloster Fancy Canary Council-UK (GFCC-UK).

The artwork was passed during the council’s AGM in September, held in Leicester, where 25 members attended from as far as Malta and Italy to discuss in depth the standard of the Gloster canary.

Following the meeting, the GFCC-UK has registered the copyright of the Gloster Standard of Excellence artwork.

Secretary Fred Osborne told Cage & Aviary Birds: “It has been rambling on for a number of years that fanciers were reporting birds being exhibited that were not at the same standard as the pictorial model.

“The original pictorial was drawn up way back in the mid 1920s, and in the past two or three years the GFCC-UK had discussed looking at new pictorials.

“Our international secretary Mario Zahra drew the pictorial, and took it to the council meeting in September. This was one of a number of drawings, but Mario’s artwork was unanimously chosen.”

The artwork is the sole property of the GFCC-UK. Mr Osborne explained: “The council had to own the copyright because in the past there had been some fanciers doing their own drawings, and some I’ve seen don’t look anything like the Gloster. This is a way to protect the Gloster standard.”