Above: racing pigeons, jacobin pigeons and serama bantams were once a popular attraction in the tented bird display. Photo: Dave Brown

Interested in the free pigeon pens, trestles and boarding? Contact Roger Carr on 01844 213 600 or email: rogercarr43@gmail.com

A FORMER SUCCESSFUL one-day agricultural event is seeking a new home for its bird-show stock, free of charge.

The last Thame & Oxfordshire County Show went ahead in 2015 but was cancelled in 2016 following a number of years of financial losses. Now the organisation has decided to use its storage facility for other purposes and wishes to dispose of all pigeon pens, trestles and boarding which can bench up to 750 exhibits.

Officials have no objection to disposing the stock in small lots or as one. C&AB advise that you contact Roger Carr (see details, above) for information regarding quantity.

For almost 50 years, Mr Carr ran the cage bird and pigeon section at the show, on behalf of the charity Thame Agricultural Association.

“At its height during the 1990s we benched more than 1,200 cage bird entries and 1,000 pigeon entries,” said Mr Carr. “The bird show was independent of any local club but relied heavily on the membership of local cage bird and pigeon clubs with which I was associated for support and assistance.”

The event annually took place on the third Thursday in September and run for more than 100 years. In 2013 and 2014 the bird section was successful, but the agricultural event overall proved to be non-viable.

Mr Carr explained: “The truth is that there appears to be insufficient interest within the public at large to support this kind of event.

“For those with rural tendencies it was a complete experience: marquees containing horticultural displays, food halls, cattle, sheep, goats, dogs and other livestock. There were 200-300 trade stands displaying everything from tractors to bulbs and a central main ring.”

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