Above: Jeremy Goacher was presented with the Robert Yates Award by at the recent LCA AGM


THE LIZARD CANARY Association (LCA) has presented club chairman Jeremy Goacher with its prestigious Robert Yates Award.

The annual award was first presented in 1995 by Robert Yates, the son of the LCA’s founder Robert H. Yates, on the LCA’s 50th anniversary. The trophy differs from all others because it is awarded not for success on the show bench, but for the valuable contribution and work carried out by its recipient on behalf of the LCA.

Each year, the previous year’s winner nominates the next recipient of the award. This year it was Sandy Innes who had the honour of choosing the next recipient and without hesitation he nominated Jeremy Goacher, the LCA chairman, citing the work he did in 2018 and 2019 in forming a new LCA Council.

Ian Adcock, LCA secretary, added: “Following a number of council member resignations, Jeremy did all the hard work to pull together a new LCA Council and ensured the Council remained dedicated to the promotion and conservation of the classic Lizard canary.”

“I felt very humble but proud having met Robert Yates’s relatives when they presented the trophy to the Association,” said Mr Goacher. “I was not looking for recognition, just to try to ensure a more secure future for the Association and hobby that has brought me so much pleasure over the years. It was not a solo effort and thanks should be given to all of the very capable and able team that came together to achieve the turnaround.”

The LCA Council wholeheartedly supported the nomination. “Cometh the hour, cometh the man,” commented LCA vice chairman Huw Evans. “Jeremy has been at the forefront of the renaissance of the LCA since 2019. Thanks to his initiative, the Association has returned to its roots and is focussed on the conservation of the traditional Lizard canary.”

For more information on the LCA, visit: www.lizardcanaryassociation.com

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